Jan. 11, 2022

Trip Lee

Trip Lee’s music has long been an awarded flagship for Reach Records, the foremost faith-based hip-hop label. “Supernatural” is the most recent addition to a discography that includes albums like 2016 mixtape The Waiting Room and seminal 2014 album Rise (which was accompanied by a book of the same name).


In this episode of Trevor Talks, we dive deeper into the miraculous grace that allows Trip to continue saying “you got it” as an expression of soul surrender to God. The minister, husband and father of 3 is also someone who lives his day to day life with chronic illness. 12 years into his experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Trip Lee has a grounded perspective to offer anyone else dealing with long term suffering: “life is hard, and God is good.”


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Trip Lee

Trip Lee is an author, teacher, hip-hop artist, and thought leader. A pastor in Atlanta, he regularly preaches and teaches at Christian conferences and events, and has performed his music for thousands of listeners around the world.

In his first book, The Good Life, Lee points to the abundant life available only in Christ – a life beyond anything the world can offer. His second book, Rise, calls a younger generation not to wait to follow God, but to get up and live now.

As a hip-hop artist, Lee’s music has received critical acclaim, while reaching a large and growing audience. He’s won a Stellar award and been nominated for several Dove Awards. His last three albums have debuted at #1 on the Billboard Gospel charts, and his most recent album, Rise, debuted at #2 on the Billboard Rap charts and #16 on the Billboard 200.

Trip’s deepest desire in his writing, teaching, and performing is to declare the goodness and glory of Jesus Christ.

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