Oct. 12, 2021

Jeremy Camp

Last year, Jeremy Camp’s early years were captured in the hit movie I Still Believe. Though the real-life story the movie told was profound and compelling, the truth is that it was only barely the beginning of Jeremy’s life, music, and ministry.


Now one of the Christian music industry’s most consistent and faithful veterans, Jeremy is also a husband to his wife, Adie and the father of 2 teenagers & a young son who are increasingly successful in their own right. Our conversation on this episode of Trevor Talks covers all of this. We also dig deep into the personal process Jeremy was walking through personally in his relationship with God during the pandemic, a time of growth and renewal that resulted in the joy-filled new album When You Speak.


Jeremy Camp is a Grammy-nominated artist with over 365 million lifetime streams worldwide, 41 number 1 radio hits (including “I Still Believe” and “There Will Be A Day”), 4 RIAA Gold-certified albums, and 6 GMA Dove Awards. When You Speak is his 13th studio album to date.


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Trevor Tyson  0:01  
Thank you for tuning in to Trevor talks podcast where we talk to real people about real topics and real stories. Today's guest is a Grammy nominated artists that I'm pretty sure we all know and love. The dude has over 4.5 million streams worldwide over 40 Number one radio hits for certified gold albums, and a major motion picture about his life. He has a new record out now called when you speak and I'm thrilled to finally have him on the show. Ladies and gentlemen, here's my interview with Mr. Jeremy camp, Jeremy. Dude, we made it.

Jeremy Camp  0:40  
Bro, it's so good to see you. So everybody knows that we sat for about 20 minutes just chatting and catching up, which I love that because we haven't seen each other for a little bit. And we have so much life that we have shared and you know, experience that we share together already. So

Trevor Tyson  0:54  
yeah, like, we're finally here. We can't touch each other, unfortunately. But like, we can we can see each other we can hear each other. This is the moment that is all been leading up to like really, what the heck over the past year alone. We all got shut in our houses. Just had to figure out a whole new way to do life. You we were in the middle of a tour. And like literally, it was like the dead center like we had done like 20 Something shows I think there was like 20 something left whatever it was like split in half. Yeah. The last show. The weekend, I think may have been the day of I still believe hitting theaters.

Jeremy Camp  1:34  
About a bad day. Right? Let's be honest.

Trevor Tyson  1:39  
Like, you spent, obviously your whole life building up for this movie, right? I spent a year and a half marketing it. I don't have near as much invested as you. I was pumped out I looked. I was walking by your bus headed to the Uber. And I see you on the phone over there and I see bomb, like kicking some rocks over in a corner somewhere. And kids are having a good time. 80s upbeat, but I can just tell you were like, ah, like, when is ever going to end? Yeah. Little did we know like God had a bigger story. Like, he molded everything in together to work for the benefit of us all really? It was hard to see them like, oh, it's not gonna have the theatrical release we're expecting. But it ended up doing the like, I still believe at home where people can watch it on a man. Then Hulu ended up picking it up. Yeah, what

Jeremy Camp  2:32  
neck? Yeah, I mean, this is one of those things where it is you. You build up for something for so long, and your heart is so in it. It's literally like blood, sweat and tears, and then all sudden, it just gets shut down. I mean, we my manager said something, Matt. So you talked about Matt bombs. He's my manager. And he said something to me. I think it was a week before it came out. He said Man, partners support about three weeks work came out because the virus was you know, it's kind of known, but it wasn't like it was Be careful, there's a virus. So he said, barring a world war or a pandemic, this thing is going to do really well. And so, I blamed the pandemic on him basically. Because he basically said it was gonna happen. And so, here you are, like, everything is built in this moment. And then the day, two days before actually comes out, they declare the global pandemic and so, you know, everything shut down. You know, the first night, you know, the first night it was our number one movie in America, which was, you know, bloods bloodshot, this Vin Diesel movie and onward, a Pixar movie. So we're like, oh, this might work. And then everything kept shutting down. But my wife says that he said something was really, really good. Because you said, you know, God had a different plan and purpose for this. That was so much greater we can even imagine because, you know, my wife said something to me. That was brilliant. You know, I was down like you said, I was just kind of like, what just happened? This has been built up for so long, it was going so well. And she said, you know, Jeremy, God never broke his promises. And I was like, What do you mean by that? She goes, you know, listen, he never promised that the movie was gonna stay in theaters forever. He never promised that your movie your tour was not going to get canceled didn't promise this things? Well, he did promises that he was going to use all those things for His glory in His purposes. And then she dropped the mic because that's basically what she does. She drops this like amazing word of wisdom and you know you you hung out with her and all sudden she just comes out with this

Trevor Tyson  4:27  
lady at Camp y'all. Let's let's just jump on this topic real quick. Number one who's got the best song on the movie soundtrack because it's gonna throw you remember the day that thing came out? I walked up to you and I was like, get ready. She's taking your spot Yeah, so not only be in the rocker she is but just truth bombs. Like she literally has one of those little microphones you plug in your phone, she's drops it every day. I've just watched But it's just like, Hey, you did this wrong, bam, exactly what you're saying, I just had to throw that in there,

Jeremy Camp  5:06  
like the Holy Spirit of her very close. I always, you know, of course, spear is more real close. So yeah, I think that's the thing I think you just, you know, I've realized now it's been all over the world streaming, you know, and people I get messages from literally all over the world saying, man we've been through so much during this pandemic, and your story and your just life. And the hope that it brings has been so encouraging. And so I look at that and go, it might not have done the the width of things that we wanted, but the depth of what it's done was way further beyond my expectations. And I think that's what our desires should be. I think we did. Yeah, we have something that goes big and, and wide and reaches a massive amount of peace people, of course, you want that. But if there's no depth in that, then what's the point, I'd rather go to the deep things of the Lord and the deep things of people's hearts. And I feel like that this movie has done that. And I feel like that, you know, transitioning. So he took the things that I was learning during the shutdown, and then all sudden downloaded all these songs that I, I tell people, I've been telling people this, you'd have to hear the album from front to finish, because it's not. It's not like, here's a couple of good songs. It's like, here's my, my deep things that guy was processing in me during this time off that I wrote down in a song. And so every song has a special meaning Every song has a story. And every song I really, really believe will we'll reach out to each individual visual person in a different way. And so it's exciting man like I even though it's been difficult, I've had my ups and downs, even you know, the past few months, ups and downs of tours coming out, the things are shutting down again, or there's, you know, requirements for things that people are like, I don't want to come because these requirements. And that's been tough. But when I have this, when I step back and look at the big picture, I really do see God's hand, I see God using this for His glory, and people's lives being truly changed because of it. And I'm okay with that. Because that's what it's about.

Trevor Tyson  7:12  
Yeah, and to kind of segue into this new record when you speak, the whole concept of the album is just listening to Jesus, like, when you speak like things are going to happen. And when I first heard the first single, I was like, all the colors and saw the music video like I mean, I didn't know you had those moves in you. I don't know what choreographer you've been working for. I'm feeling it might be Egon camp. But, you know, when it comes choreography, as we all know, but I was like, this is a whole new season for you. Yes. Like, it's a very upbeat, joyful album, but it still hits the vulnerability aspect that you carry in your music, like, throughout your whole career, like starting with, like, I still believe in the songs that led up to everything that you're doing now. Every single record, like it's raw, it's honest. And it's like, this dude's talking with Jesus. And he's letting us listen to it. Yeah. And that empowers people to be able to do that for themselves. Yeah. And themselves. Like, I remember before, like, long before we ever knew each other. I would be listening to your music in my room and be like, like, I just feel the I feel the energy. Yeah, that Holy Spirit is in tuned you with Yeah, like, it's raw is vulnerable. It's easy to grasp on to like, it's not when Jeremy camp speaks. It's like when you speak, like God, like it's an anthem, people can catch on to it. So like, starting out on the album, like, what was the whole concept going into the songwriting process before any lyrics were pinned down before any beat or anything was sent to you? What was the beginning point for this thing?

Jeremy Camp  8:52  
Yeah. So you know, the last record had a very much of a desert theme. And I think in a sense, there was walking through the desert, which actually kind of continued on, you know, through the pandemic, the first part of the pandemic, so I'll kind of speak to that. So I remember, you know, this last season, we had a friend, give us a scripture, and I think it was a Zacharias F and I believe, and it says that he will lead you into the desert, and he will speak softly to you and He will bring back your vineyards. And it was just this time where you're like, Okay, he's actually providing this desert time. So that will slow down and that will be craving more of him you know, As the deer pants towards the water. So my soul along with after the it's so important to one, I love that song. Because it's saying, okay, when you're in that, that desert dry place, you are craving water, and so it made me crave more of Jesus and I remember going through this and all sudden this pandemic hit, and I'm like, Okay, here we are continuing on in this desert. And so I was going, alright, Lord, I just want to get through this Cash, I want to get through this. And that's still a thing. I feel like that we're all still saying, I just want to get through this. And that's not a bad thing to say, you know? Because it's like, yeah, we are, we're human, we have emotions. I'm like cash, I just want to get through this as crazy. And God actually really spoke to me once Hence, when you speak, and he said, Jeremy, I want to get through to you during this. And it was just kind of this light bulb moment of going, okay, all right, I'm, I'm ready to put my head down and just go through the grind. And like, let me just get through this. And God's like, no, no, no, put your head up and open up your heart. I think once I put my head up, opened up my heart, that's when he started speaking life. And from that life, and from that healing, and from that, you know, even dealing with, you know, anxieties, and just confusions and fear, you know, of what's the common all that. I remember the life he spoke into me, I just started pinning on paper. I was like, Okay, here we go. Here we go. And the reason why, because when you speak is one of the first songs I wrote, because it was kind of going, this is what happened. You know, it starts off saying, I find it's always the lie that is loudest. I know the one with the power is never the one who is shouting, I lean in through all the thunder, you whisper even in doubt, you're with me. And it's just this whole kind of concept of going. And enemy is like yelling and screaming, like all these lies all these things to try to get our attention that we focus on those things. And God's like, Hey, I'm the constant. I'm the steady. I'm the one who has the power, I don't even need to shout. So when we realize that, that's when we drown out all the noise, and we lean in there, all the thunder, all that kind of stuff. We say Okay, God, and then in his still small voice, he conferences and he's, he speaks life, and there's healing and this freedom. And so that's what happened. I was just was like, when you speak and found the sound of Peace, be still the wind and the waves bow to your will. And you know, you drown my fear with a lot more real when you speak. And so that was kind of the starting concept of this whole album. And it really kind of, let me just go alright, God, what else you want to teach me. And then I started writing down like that, that story I told you about what my wife said about breaking his promise. That's a song called break your promises. Because that was literally what she said to me. It's like, he never broke his promises he never will. And so I think this whole album was me having a year and a half of processing through things I've not been able to process for years, because I've been so busy. And there's a depth to this, that yeah, I always have written depth in raw and vulnerable. But I think from start to finish, you're going to hear a depth to this that is crucial to understanding the season and crucial to just hearing the heart of God and what He was doing in my life. And I think it not because it was just what I was doing in my life. I think it's things that God was doing in all of our lives. And I was feel like he was able to speak those things through me. And so anyway, I just to me, I've done so many albums, bro, I've done this for 20 years. And you always feel like oh, my Do I have anything left, you know. And when God breathed that life into you, that's why you see me dancing, and you see colors because there's joy, and there's life. And there's all those things, because I realized that when I dig in closer to Him, as well as not run dry. So he fills up those dry places and those thirsty places in my soul, and he brings fresh things. And that's what he did in this album. Sorry, I just kind of

Trevor Tyson  13:26  
know that now, bro. You keep going as long as you want. But, dude, like I listened to the album a few times. And it's really hard for me to find like that one song that I like more than any of the rest. So what do you think your favorite song on the album is? What are you the most excited to perform live as well,

Jeremy Camp  13:45  
you know, it's interesting you say that. And I'm, I feel the same way. It's like I I've usually kind of have a couple of songs where I can pinpoint. But I think that, you know, look back, there's 13 songs on the album. And I would say like, every month, there's a new thing God's teaching me so I started writing it down. So when I think about the album, I go, I don't know what's my favorite, or what I'm more excited about. Because they all have that same feeling of like, Oh, I remember why I wrote this. I remember where it was when God kind of showed this to me. I remember what I was feeling when I sang the song. Like I remember singing the song called consumed. And the one of the second verses says, Your love isn't passive at all. It violently tears down my walls. And as I was singing that I just started weeping in the studio. I was like, I'm sorry, hold on, because I just realized, you know, when when we put up our walls, he's not his He loves us so much. He's like, No, I'm tearing that I love you. I'm not letting you put up these walls like I'm going to tear down those walls. And it was a picture of God's love. That was to me what I needed. Like just picture him say No, I love you too much. You're not putting those walls up songs. I'm here with you where I'm sitting down, tired from the week I've been writing songs, I thought I was done, I had nothing else to give. And all sudden the song comes out, as we're talking about grief. I'm talking to Benji coward. And he's talking about the loss he's experienced and things that I've experienced in my loss. And we're like, sometimes I just want someone to not say anything, but to just hug you and cry with you. And I said, Yeah, it's like Jesus, when He wept. He's like, he just wept. And we're like, yeah, he's weeping here with us. And I was like, Oh, my goodness. So we just started hitting the song. And I didn't even think, oh, this song is epic. I just was getting stuff out of my heart that I wanted to get out. I played it for my wife. And my wife never does this. So she's listened to the song, and she hears the chorus. And then the tagline was says, he's weeping here with you. And she goes, Oh, my goodness, honey, she starts crying. And I go, Oh, and I realized that I started crying. So I realized the depth of the song. And that night, we're sitting there and she goes, Honey, do you realize what today is gonna go? No, because it's the 20th anniversary of Melissa's death. That day, I wrote that song. And I just, I realized as God's faithfulness in him knowing where I'm at, and what I'm going through at that very time, even if I don't even realize I'm going through it. And so he pulled out things in this record that I can just name song after song after song. And that, I don't know what you know, I think, yeah, you're excited about singing like Song can't take away because I think Lai was going to be just like, yes, it's anthem. You know, so I'm like, getting started because you right? Yeah, exactly. Have you heard getting started? Yeah, that song. It's like that one too, because you're going, once you try, when you put your trust in Jesus name, your life will never be the same. It's like this, I believe you're only getting started those who feel like, I've gone through too much, or I've done whatever. And I just feel like my life is kind of like blinding. No, no, you give your life to Jesus, where you actually trusted in him and put your trust in him. You're just getting started. Like for you, bro. All this that's going on with you and the doors opening for you. I believe you're just getting started, man. That guy is going to open up some awesome games. And he's going to use you to empower and encourage a generation and so that's what I feel like, you know, listen that song and think about just you and like, okay, yeah, like whenever you're feeling like, Okay, God, you're done using me? Or do I have anything to give? It's like, 100% I believe you're only getting started.

Trevor Tyson  17:30  
Man, I love that. And the kind of like segue off of that. To get real with you like right now. Like, people think like, oh, once I hit this milestone, everything that Oh, my troubles are gonna go away. Like, for musicians like Oh, once I hit the Billboard charts, like I'm magically going to have all my anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations go away. Like for me, it was like, Oh, if I can just get this podcast off the ground, and then it got off the ground. If I can just get this interview. And then like, one by one, like, I don't, we were literally having to reevaluate goals, because like my three year goals done, and I'm like, I, like I still have anxious moments, I still have those restaurants, I still have those moments of like, why am I even doing this? Yeah. And from the outside, it could be like, Oh, this and this and this. And, but yeah, it's just that and that, and that I'm still me, I still have issues, and I still have things I gotta work through. Like, that's why it's so keen to like, have that community of people behind you. Yeah. And I'm curious, like, when in your career, did you realize like, Okay, I'm still gonna have these issues, I've got to figure out how to work through these healthily, oh,

Jeremy Camp  18:45  
very quickly into my career. And I realized that no matter what position that you're at, or success that you have, or whatever you've accomplished, if you don't deal with your heart and your issues, and emotionally, all those things, spiritually, just putting your trust in Jesus constantly putting your hope and him constantly, you will constantly want the next thing. And I have experienced that my whole career, bro, like, what you're saying is just it's, it's not foreign to me, I've, I've, I've been at the top of my game, and been the most depressed and most just bummed out. And it's because I was focusing on the wrong things. And doesn't mean I'm a bad person just means that I have to realize that there's traps involved constantly having this for 20 years now. So now, to be honest, I'm a little more aware and quick to find, you know, figure out when I'm going towards a different direction. That doesn't mean I'm not ever going to be distracted or have those moments. I mean, the past few months, I've had some pretty up and down moments, but also, I'm I can bounce back where I'm like, Nope, I know what to do. Like I know where to go. I know where to run. I know what's happening. I know the enemy is trying to do this. I can, I can almost recognize it more. And because the enemy is it's funny. He definitely is sly, absolutely. But then sometimes he doesn't And you're going, okay, so obviously the enemy like, I'm kind of I'm kind of laugh right now, because you're being really obvious. It's it's kind of easier to go, No, that's a lie. That's not right. And so I think that we have to realize that our pursuits and ambitions, if, if they're for the things of this world, it'll never be satisfied. And we all know that, but I tell people all the time, I've experienced all whatever you can experience, like, God has opened doors for me, I've it's been incredible. But doesn't matter. If I'm looking to those successes as a fulfillment, and those things will not fulfill me. And I think that I'm in a healthier place of just being like, hey, these big things great if they happen, but what's, what are the depth of what God's doing? What's the what's happening there? I think with this new album, too, for me, it's that same thing of going, I don't know what's gonna happen, like, you hear it, and you're like, Oh, my goodness, I'm like, Yeah, I feel like, Oh, my goodness, this record is one of I feel like one of the strongest records I've put out in the years. But I don't know what's going to happen with it. But I do know that guy's going to use it in a deep way and people's lives, I know that. And that's all I really care about. Me, I don't get distracted, like you're going to have those times, you're like, I really, in my heart really want just people to be reached, then you're gonna have those moments where you're like, but I want that too. And it's okay. But just be aware that that is our flesh, and that we battle those things. But that man, when we can be more aware and recognize those things, it's easier to battle. So

Trevor Tyson  21:32  
yeah, and just one thing that I've noticed in you like, even from afar, like, your kids are putting out music, like, you can obviously see that like you as a father, using encourager you as like a person in general, you're walking the walk, you're not just saying you're gonna do something and the way you prioritize your kids on the road, the way you practice, prioritize your wife, like, it's obvious to see your priorities are going straight. And there is a correct way to like, raise your hand, I'm not a father. So who am I to say the correct way to raise your kids on the road? And there's an incorrect way? You've figured it out? And it's obvious. What, what do you think implementing your family first over career has brought you like, long term? Obviously, we know the Sunday School answers, but for you as an individual, like deep down inside, you've toured without family, you've toured with family, you missed the benefits of keeping your family so close, like you have.

Jeremy Camp  22:33  
I think, for one, there's a comfort knowing that, you know, we've connected and I think that the biggest thing with with anybody with friends with family, of course, whether through family is that you actually have intimacy, because there's, there's time you can spend with your kids even on the road, but not have a an intimate quality, intentional time. And so what I've learned is that when I'm having those times in my family, even if they're not on the road, and I'm, you know, on the road, and I'm missing them, it's it's asking those intentional questions, but I found that being on the road, there was a comfort for me going there, okay, like my kids are doing well, you know, and there's not this insecurity, or I think I, it becomes more not about me on the road, because it's easy when you're on tour, and you're doing your own thing to just do your own thing. And it's like Jeremy camp, and it's like, Nope, this is my family. And that's who I'm actually pouring into. And if I can't take care of my family, how can I take care of the family of God? You know, what I mean? How can I share the things that God's teaching me when I'm not actually living it out my own family? So I think that's the kind of stuff that that helps, doesn't mean I haven't made my mistakes, or there's times where I'm like, Sorry, I've been distracted. I mean, there's, there's all happened. But I think that we've always, we always come back around and have those conversations like Hey, guys, sorry, I think I've been distracted. You guys doing okay. And we have beautiful conversations. I think the honesty has brought bred so much more security. So honestly raised security, which breeds comfort, you know, and I think that that is what I found and having my family on the road and to be able to really pour into them and to see now them thriving. I'm like, this is incredible, like, you know, as far as I'm like, I'm making all these mistakes, but like, Thank You, Lord, you've you've been so faithful with my family and now they're putting out music and their love. They love Jesus and I see them their hearts pouring out and serving and yeah, they're teenagers and that's fun sometimes can be like other driving

Unknown Speaker  24:37  
you know, emotions, you know, they're not

Trevor Tyson  24:42  
they're not just teenagers though, right? They're published authors. Musicians,

Unknown Speaker  24:51  
oh, influencers, you know, because they, you know, they got like little followers, you know, which is

Jeremy Camp  24:57  
funny to me because they You have 10,000 followers, but each of you pretty much it's like, you know, that means that you have a following like, you're going to influence certain people. So they're like, oh, okay, so the things that they do the things they post, and it's like, you have an opportunity to be that to other people. And so they're learning things. And we're not putting any pressure at all. We're just saying, This is what's happened now that you've stepped into this kind of, you know, mild limelight, but in a sense, a Limelight that people are watching, and you have a beautiful opportunity to pour into these kids.

Trevor Tyson  25:31  
Yeah. And I want to, I want to talk about if you're open to it, one of the super vulnerable parts of filming this movie that you had. While they were, while KJ and Britt, were recording the hospital scene where Melissa passes. Yeah, you watch firsthand, and like you actually ran out. Like, do your family had that discussion with the kids like that? Why are you upset? Like, because if this wouldn't have happened, I wouldn't have had you. Yeah, like? So almost finding beauty and tragedy. Yeah. Getting into the emotions that happened. Like in that moment, people don't see that on the screen, they see what you went through? Yes. But they don't see the ripple effects that like even you still, like, have that. Like, that was the love of your life, man. Yeah. And your kids saw you experience it right before your eyes as if you were third person in this. Tell us about that moment, what was going through your head, and what was the beauty that you found, and it was being able to share that experience with your children, your wife.

Jeremy Camp  26:44  
So I remember, you know, like you said, I had to leave the room was very emotional. She was, you know, as seen in the hospital. And as it came out, I just I went to my room at first and I just, I lost it. And I started walking back and my family came and just all of them sort of hugging me and they're all weeping. And my daughter said some areas she goes, Dad, it'd be hard to watch this knowing that somebody went through it, because that's just a hard thing. To know that my, my father went through it, you know, because that and she just started weeping. And we had this beautiful moment of saying, you know, I wanted so desperately for her to be healed. You know, as you see that, like the prayers, and I believe that 100%. And it wasn't what God allowed. And I had to accept that. And I just said, if if God would have answered that prayer, I would not be standing here with you guys right now, you wouldn't be here right now. And it was just kind of beautiful moment of going, Man, I can't imagine my life without my family. Without my wife and my kids, I really can't, I don't say that lightly, or just the cliched thing to say as a parent, but I can't imagine walking through without them. And so there's been a beauty of that and watching them thrive and watching them now I'll take the things of, of and learning about my tragedies and going, Okay, I'm gonna glorify God, in the midst of my hard times, and my tragedies in Washington kind of implement that, and emulate that has been so beautiful. And so I think the you know, the feeling is that as a father is going, you know, and he just has a human and as a believer, and whatever it is going, okay, these things that seem like the biggest tragedies, which they are, you really can look back and go, Okay, God, I see what you were doing. And sometimes you won't get to heaven. But you're going to see how God use this and how God the ripple effect of in your life. And I think that that is the beauty of how it affects your kids. As long as you allow it to affect you in a good way to heal from things. Your kids are going to be stronger because of it. Your family and your wife be stronger because of it.

Trevor Tyson  28:48  
Did and obviously the filming that movie had some influence on the message of this record as well. Yeah. The last thing I really want to touch on dude is like, what do you want the pure like, take away from this record to be? What is the message that you're putting out here in 2021? Hopefully I'm what is hopefully the tail end of a pandemic, but we'll see. What's the message that's going out to everyone through this music?

Jeremy Camp  29:15  
Saying this term can sound so cliche, but I think I have to say it because it's where I feel like that there is Beauty from Ashes. And I just I I know that term is you so much that I really do. I mean it like so deep in my soul that when I say that, it's the only way I can say it, that there is Beauty from Ashes. And I feel like that's what people need to hear right now. That from the ashes of disappointment, the ashes of anxiety and fear and confusion and loss and bankruptcy and whatever that people have experienced. There is beauty on the other side there is and I think that's what I want people to see in this record.

Trevor Tyson  29:52  
And for somebody that's listening right now that may be going through grief themself, themselves like whether it some grief from loss and grief of losing their job their income, like just super depressed, anxious. What would a personal message from Jeremy camp be to them right now?

Jeremy Camp  30:10  
You know, I'm actually and this is not to tag my album because I but I want to say to people that understand that there's not always the right words to say and I understand that because I've been through hardships we all have that literally understand that Jesus knows and feels your pain. And Hebrews it says, we have a high priest that can empathize with our weaknesses. And but that's what we're going through. And it says, yeah, that means he actually feels what we're going through. And so when, when it says that Jesus wept in John, in that scripture, that small scripture in the Bible, it actually means that he wept his his heart because he cares about us and our emotions, even if sometimes you're like, why would you allow that if you care about our emotions? He does, because he also knows that, trust me, Beauty from Ashes, and I'm working in use something greater than you can even fathom. And so I think that I would say, just know that Jesus understands and that he literally is wrapping his arms around you and weeping with you. So he gets it. So you can rest in that and know that he is working these things out and going, okay, just trust me, you don't understand. But just trust me. And I think the thought of Jesus weeping with me is one of the greatest comforts that I can even think of.

Trevor Tyson  31:25  
Sheesh, dude, and all. Obviously, we could go for hours. But I think that's a great place to just wrap it up with like, God is in control. Yeah, he's obviously showed us time and time again, even in those moments where we're like, God, just take me now like, yeah, he's still there. Yeah. And if for anybody that's listening, like, just to reiterate what Jeremy just said, like if you're struggling, there's, there's hope. Yeah, there's so much hope. And there's a reason to live. And I just want you to know that like, if you're listening this podcast, you can listen to any of the episodes, there's always something in there. Just to replicate like life is worth living. Like you should choose life like God is in control and not to shove religion down anybody's throat or anything but that's a key factor in my life like faith in Jesus has been the cornerstone of my life and always will be. So again, if you're struggling just reach out like a heart support death the life there's so many amazing organizations out there that want nothing more than just tell you that there is a reason to live and you have purpose. And Jeremy, thank you so much for being here. Like this has been so fun. And it's been so meaningful to I believe that a lot of people are gonna find purpose on this. I know I did. And thank you for being so vulnerable, vulnerable and open to do this.

Jeremy Camp  32:45  
Yes, man. Good to talk to you. And I just yeah, I'm excited for what God is doing with you, my friend. So appreciate you

Trevor Tyson  32:52  
as well. Yeah, we're gonna tag the record and everything in the description below. Be sure to go check them tour dates out and preorder packages that they still have available for the new album when you speak. Again, this has been me and Jeremy camp, obviously, and this episode has been brought to you by new release today. Talk to you guys next week.

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Jeremy CampProfile Photo

Jeremy Camp

As a young boy growing up in small-town Lafayette, Indiana, Jeremy’s impressionable young heart watched his parents model this behavior on a regular basis. It was not uncommon for Jeremy to accompany his father to a local prison or boys’ home to minister through words and music, and when his father started a church when Jeremy was only 14, his eyes were truly opened to the remarkable impact of pastoring and ministering. Between caring and providing for him and his siblings and his father entering full-time ministry, the importance of caring for and loving well the people put in your path was not lost on the blue-eyed boy with an affinity for music.

But like any other adolescent who grew up in the church and acquired the pastor’s kid label, Jeremy faced his own doubts, temptations and rebellion. As a teen, he found himself living a double life—partying and drinking behind his parents’ back and showing up with his halo seemingly intact on Sunday mornings. But at 16 years old, listening to a pastor at youth camp, Jeremy heard God say to him, “I want to use you, but you’re on the edge of a cliff. You’re about ready to jump off. You need to run as far away from the cliff as possible.”

That day a switch flipped and Jeremy submitted his life to the Lord. When he left home for bible college two years later, he was ready for the road that lay ahead.

After Jeremy graduated bible college and while leading worship at a bible study on campus, he spotted her—a beautiful woman with her hands raised toward heaven. Jeremy was captivated by Melissa, totally lost in worship and oblivious to the world around her. Their relationship began as a flirtatious friendship but their connection was clear—undeniably magnetic. Caught in somewhat of a love triangle between Jeremy and the friend who introduced them, Melissa abruptly ended the two’s budding relationship. Jeremy’s heart was broken.

But when he got word that Melissa had cancer, Jeremy dropped everything and immediately drove to be by her side. After a God-ordained hospital proposal, chemo treatments during their engagement and a huge joyful wedding once she entered remission, the cancer returned.

As his wife battled cancer, Jeremy continued performing for audiences in Southern California, sharing their testimony and asking and believing for a miracle. When Melissa lost her battle in 2001, Jeremy completely lost his desire to continue making music. After meeting with a pastor who had endured much suffering of his own, Jeremy was encouraged to keep going amidst his grief and pain. Melissa’s immense and unwavering faith that her battle with cancer and ultimate death would be worth it if even only one person came to know the Lord also propelled Jeremy to continue sharing his testimony after her passing.

Jeremy was determined to keep sharing God’s faithfulness through his greatest trial, and the Lord continued to use his words and lyrics to minister, touching thousands of lives in

In 2002, Jeremy released his first nationally distributed album, Stay. While touring to promote the album, Jeremy crossed paths with The Benjamin Gate singer Adrienne Liesching. The two got to know each other on tour, hit it off, and were married in 2003. They have since been blessed with three children, Bella, Arie, and Egan. In 2003, both a critical and commercial success, six songs from Stay reached the top of the Christian singles chart, and the first song he wrote after Melissa’s death, “I Still Believe”, went to #1.

Between 2002 and 2017, Jeremy released 11 albums, four of them RIAA- certified as Gold. He has sold nearly 5 million albums. His original music, a mixture of ballads and up-tempo rock songs, has earned him numerous awards and nominations across the Christian and secular music industries, including five GMA Dove Awards, one Grammy nomination, three American Music Award nominations, and four ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Awards. His 2017 album, I Will Follow, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Christian Album and in the top 25 on Billboard Top 200. In 2010, Camp was named Billboard’s #2 Christian artist of the decade. In 2013, Tyndale House

Publishers released Jeremy’s memoir, I Still Believe.

In early 2018, following a hard year of watching someone close to them walk through addiction, talks about turning Melissa’s story into a major motion picture with the Erwin Brothers progressed, and Jeremy began experiencing sudden and debilitating panic attacks. The trust and fear issues he faced after Melissa passed away had resurfaced, and the enemy was attacking Jeremy with everything he had.

Walking through a hopeless fog of panic, dark depression and debilitating anxiety for about a week, with the constant companionship of and prayers from his wife Adrienne, Jeremy finally heard from the Lord: “You can trust me. Perfect love casts out fear. I love you perfectly...I want

you to be free of this. I want you to know that I love you so much and that you can trust me.”

For the next six months, Jeremy spent time with the Lord, relearning and experiencing the breadth and depth of his love and surrendering the things he discovered had been holding on to. In the midst of that process, God started downloading songs into Jeremy’s heart. And Jeremy started writing—determined to be completely open and honest about his feelings and what he was learning in this hard season.

The result? Nearly 20 years after recording his first album, Jeremy is set to release what he is calling his most vulnerable, authentic music yet—The Story’s Not Over (Sept. 20, 2019). Featuring 11 songs and a new, energizing sound, the album is a reflection on one of the hardest years in Jeremy’s life; the valley he walked through, how the Lord spoke to him and carried him through it, and what’s to come in this season of newfound clarity, life and ministry—one marked by absolute surrender.

Songs like “Dead Man Walking,” the first album single released in May 2019, “Still Alive” and “Keep Me in the Moment” feature honest, soul-bearing lyrics thanking the Lord for rescuing him from the darkness, for reminders of life when he didn’t feel alive, and for showing him what matters in the midst of his trials

Every track on the album is undeniably marked by transparency, vulnerability, surrender and complete honesty.

With The Story’s Not Over releasing six months prior to the Erwin Brothers’ biopic I STILL BELIEVE, and a marriage book written with Adrienne releasing in 2020, Jeremy is thankful to be entering a new season of ministry on the other side of the valley, one where he feels the Lord is going to minister through him and his story like never before.

I STILL BELIEVE, which chronicles Camp’s personal story of love, loss and faith, is being produced by the Erwin Brothers’ (I CAN ONLY IMAGINE), newly formed studio, Kingdom, in association with Lionsgate, and is scheduled for a nationwide theatrical release in March 2020. The movie features K.J. Apa as Jeremy, Britt Robertson as Melissa, Gary Sinese as Tom Camp, and Shania Twain as Teri Camp.

The gifts of new music, a movie and a marriage book all come on the other side of a year of tremendous hardship, pain and growth; they are the fruits of learning to really trust the Lord again, crying out to him in the midst of a dark place. Jeremy’s desire in sharing his journey—not sparing any detail or hiding any unpleasantry—is to be a minister of the gospel in its entirety. He wants his listeners to know that he goes through hardships like everybody else does. The same God that’s loved and rescued him time and again, will—and wants—to do the same for them.

On September 10th, 2021, Jeremy Camp follows up hit single “When You Speak” with a new album by the same name. When You Speak is available now.

Camp leads the Christian solo artists with 41 No. 1 singles over his storied career, Jeremy Camp’s new album When You Speak is set to release September 10. This album follows the chart-topping success of his most recent project, The Story’s Not Over, which yielded three No. 1 radio hits — “Dead Man Walking,” “Keep Me In the Moment” and “Out of My Hands.”

“This album is the culmination of what God revealed to me during this last season,” says Jeremy Camp. “These songs are straight from my heart and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them.”

His first single from the new record soared to the top twenty within the first two weeks of release. The music video for “When You Speak” premiered exclusively on Facebook and gained 7.5 million views in less than a week.

ABOUT JEREMY CAMP: Throughout his 18-year career, Capitol CMG artist Jeremy Camp has established himself with landmark accolades including:

Over 5M lifetime albums sold and has crossed a billion streams across streaming services
Holds title for most No. 1 singles among solo artists on the Christian Airplay chart
Billboard’s #2 artist of the Decade in 2010
41 No. 1 radio hits across all formats
5 RIAA Gold Albums
1 GRAMMY® nomination, 3 American Music Award nominations, 5 Dove Awards and 4 ASCAP “Songwriter of the Year” Awards