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Great show!

Trevor, host of the Trevor Talks podcast, highlights all aspects of overcoming obstacles and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Encouraging and informative!

I absolutely love listening to this podcast, the people Trevor talks to are very real and very encouraging and/or informative. It’s fun to listen to the conversations that he has and to hear other people’s stories about life that you normally don’t hear. I strongly encourage people to listen to these anytime you can, even if it is just in the background.


I love Trevor Talks Podcast!

So encouraging!

I am so grateful that Trevor is never afraid to tackle the tough question. He digs in to challenging topics with such grace. This podcast uplifts and challenges us with every episode!

Love your spirit of curiosity!

So authentic and encouraging. Thanks for shining a light on kindness!

Great Podcast

Love the authenticity of this podcast! The interviews are well curated, and Trevor really gets to the heart of the matter with each person he speaks to. It is rare to find a podcast where the host also has an openness to, and understanding of, what creates positive mental health. If you’re looking for an uplifting podcast with interesting and authentic content, look no further!

Love it, boy

Boy is great. Does great interviews and I love it

Trevor keep talking

Trevor... never stop talking. Your talking is good. I like how your talking is encouraging. Talk more.


I love listening to this inspirational podcast. Trevor is a great host who asks all of the right questions! I highly recommend checking this out!

Nourishing and encouraging

Been listening since day one and Trevor feels like a best friend that I grew up with now. He’s funny and informative, while interviewing a wide range of guests. A gift for the soul.

Real Talk

Trevor isn’t afraid to address the real issues that many Christians are ashamed to talk about. We need more of this amongst society, so people will know that Jesus isn’t just for the “perfect” and “put together”.

Good for the soul

Trevor really gets to the heart of the interview with his guests. I get the warm and fuzzies at some pints in every episode :)

So inspiring!!

This is the only podcast i’ve found that i’ve been able to sit back and enjoy it. So inspirational and encouraging. definitely recommend listening while you having nothing to do or just play it while you are doing something! you won’t regret it!!


I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I always look forward to hearing new episodes! Trevor is a great communicator and I love his heart to encourage others by using the voice God has given him. ❤️


I absolutely love Trevor’s podcast!!!! It’s so inspiring to hear the testimonies of different people and to learn more about Trevor! I find it so inspiring that each story is unique but very similar!!! What God is doing here is amazing!!!! Awesome job Trevor!!!!


I LOVE your podcast!! I just found them and I’m so inspired and glad I did!

Love it!!

This is so encouraging!! It really helps me get through my week! :)


Really good conversations- looking forward for more episodes

I listen

So great medsage

Love this

Love it

Awesome show

Really enjoyed this convo. Make more!!

Just Amazing

Never disappoints. Trevor is real and talks about very down to earth, relatable things. Uplifting and just a joy to listen too!

Love this

Love his voice and questions.

Awesome show

Love this show

Great convo

Didn't know a lot about Shari or Trevor. Glad to found this on facebook


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I love this podcast! Great conversations and brings in a whole different atmosphere!

Really enjoyed

I really like the conversations

Love this show

My new favorite. Can’t wait for more!

Great show

I really enjoy listening to this podcast! So glad I found.

Great listen

I love the stories and encouragement. Couldn’t have came at a better time! Just subscribed!