THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Chelsea & Nick Hurst‼️🎉


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I LOVE your podcast!! I just found them and I’m so inspired and glad I did!

Love it!!

This is so encouraging!! It really helps me get through my week! :)


Really good conversations- looking forward for more episodes

I listen

So great medsage

Love this

Love it

Awesome show

Really enjoyed this convo. Make more!!

Just Amazing

Never disappoints. Trevor is real and talks about very down to earth, relatable things. Uplifting and just a joy to listen too!

Love this

Love his voice and questions.

Awesome show

Love this show

Great convo

Didn't know a lot about Shari or Trevor. Glad to found this on facebook


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I love this podcast! Great conversations and brings in a whole different atmosphere!

Really enjoyed

I really like the conversations

Love this show

My new favorite. Can’t wait for more!

Great show

I really enjoy listening to this podcast! So glad I found.

Great listen

I love the stories and encouragement. Couldn’t have came at a better time! Just subscribed!