Oct. 4, 2022

The Kendrick Brothers

The Kendrick brothers have a name that has become synonymous with Christian cinema. Alex, Stephen, and Shannon Kendrick have dedicated their lives to crafting faith-forward films like Overcomer, War Room, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants.


The Kendrick brothers have a name that has become synonymous with Christian cinema. Alex, Stephen, and Shannon Kendrick have dedicated their lives to crafting faith-forward films like Overcomer, War Room, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants.

Lifemark is the latest entry in the brothers’ shared life’s work, a movie telling the true story of a life-changing adoption. Based on interviews with the real people who lived out the story, the Kendrick brothers hope that it’s poignant and powerful in the way that only true stories can be. They share more about that on this week’s episode of Trevor Talks.

Before you hear from the Kendrick brothers, you’ll also get to hear from two actresses who have firsthand experience in their films: Micah Lynn Hanson and Shari Rigby!

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Stephen Kendrick  0:00  
While movies not only reached the head, but they reach the heart and your mood when anytime you can accompany truth with love, compassion, emotion, art that makes it more beautiful. It is so persuasive. We know that only God can change the heart he can only he can open people's eyes. But he has entrusted this technology to us, because it combines so many different art forms. You've got example, you've got the power of story, you got the power of music, you got the power of the visuals, the character development and your care and concern for all these things, all wrapped together in this one powerful media that we've been entrusted with.

Trevor Tyson  0:40  
What's up everyone, and welcome to this week's episode of Trevor talks. I'm your host, Trevor Tyson. And I'm super excited that each and every single one of you are here for this very special episode. Now, as you read in the little title for this episode, we have the Kendrick Brothers joining us, but I thought it would be super fun before they hop on to have some of my favorite actresses in the world. Join me we've got Shari Rigby and Micah Lynn Hanson who have both been in Kendrick Brothers movies. Mica has been in like arrows and overcomer, Sherry starred an overcomer and I'm pretty sure you were in another one or two other movies. So if not, she was in October, baby as well, and so many other amazing movies. So welcome to the show, y'all.

Micah Lynn Hanson  1:26  
Hey, thank you so much.

Shari Rigby  1:28  
Yeah, thanks for having us, Trevor.

Trevor Tyson  1:31  
Of course. And fun fact, Sherry was actually the first person I called to do an interview on this show. And here we are, I think like episode 105 or six or something like that. So we this is a whole reunion. We did kick it off with consider the lilies, which is an amazing book that Sherry put out, shameless plug, we're gonna put the link in the description below with all the Kendrick stuff, but go check that out. I want to catch up with you too. So let's start with Michael, when you put out a movie in December, you both have been working on some amazing things. But what can we look out specifically for you right now? Mica.

Micah Lynn Hanson  2:04  
For me right now. I'm just producing Sherry's podcasts a woman in my world podcasts. So that's new for me being on that side of things. So that's kind of what I've been working on right now. I don't think I have any films coming out. Identity crisis. Oh, true. I was the key hair makeup artists on Sherry's feature film directorial debut, right. Yeah, we shot that in January. So she forced me into another new role. She's good at this. So yeah, that one is coming out. Do we have a long I think released

Shari Rigby  2:35  
sometime this fall. So we're just kind of waiting on that one. Yeah.

Trevor Tyson  2:40  
And that piggybacks on all the things you've been working on to Sherry like you stay really busy. So you've got the podcasts. You've got your directorial say that right debut? With identity crisis? What the heck, how does it feel to be on this side of the screen? And on the screen?

Shari Rigby  2:57  
is such a great question, Trevor. Well, I love it. I love directing. I started directing, probably, gosh, what was it 2015. And I feel like that's probably my sweet spot is where I really love to be creating content. So identity crisis has definitely kept me busy all year and had mica by my side and that the women of my world podcast, we also became a nonprofit now. So the women in my world is women in my And we are really focused on this year really launching and keeping women at the forefront and creating opportunity education resources to put them in front of and behind the camera to influence entertainment and media for Christ's. So we are working around the clock.

Micah Lynn Hanson  3:40  
I have a full time job and just telling her no, we can't do that.

Trevor Tyson  3:45  
Because I was like, Hey, can we do this intro and you're like, her schedule is pretty packed. But you know what, we'll get back to you. Just kidding. But I'm so glad we got to do this. And with this interview being specifically around the life mark with the Kendrick Brothers, I want to open it up to y'all to discuss the Kendrick Brothers were the real deal on an off the screen. What was it like to work with them in a film?

Micah Lynn Hanson  4:12  
Gonna go? Yeah, so my introduction to working with the Kendricks was Alex playing my son. If you haven't seen like arrows, it does make sense at some point. So go watch that. So he'll Sue. So sometimes when he sees me, he's like, Hey, Mom, I was like, Hey, son. No, but they really are. They're who they are on an offset on an off screen. They're followers of Christ first. And they are about discipleship first and filmmaking second, and I think that is beautiful. And I'm just so grateful to be, you know, it's like cheesy and kind of overused, but I do feel like I get to be in this industry for such a time as this, you know, where it's like we have people that I know. And this is what I said and this is our Actually Kevin, who directed like arrows told me this is what got me the role is after the callback, and they asked, why would you want to be in this film? And I was like, well, because I was pretty new, like this would would have been my first lead in a big film. And I was like, Well, I just, I know that this would be a safe space for me to hone my craft. I know, I won't be asked to take my clothes off. I know, I won't be asked to compromise my morals or my beliefs in any way. And I just know that this will be a safe space for me as a young female in the film industry. And that's what the Kendricks are and what their film sets are. It's a safe space.

Shari Rigby  5:34  
Yeah. Yeah. And I think same thing for me. I you know, the Kendricks are the real deal. I love how they are unabashedly unashamed, of saying, you know, the movies that we make are really ministry. First, we are pastor teachers. And what they do is exactly that. They they really seek God, first and foremost about the stories that they're going to tell. They, you know, even when I love hearing them talk about when they made war room, you know, and they're like, what, we're making a movie about prayer in a closet? Probably not. But, but God does those kinds of things. Right. And so, I love that about them. And they they really do they, the they walk out the talk, and it's really cool to see that their discipleship, mentoring is really important when I got to be a part of overcomer with them, you know, Alex sat across from me as we were filming one of the scenes and said, So what do you want to do acting or directing? And I told them that I would love to direct and he said, Well, what scene Do you want to direct and the next thing I know, he's, you know, thrown through rushing me or threat, you know, whatever I should say here, like he's pushing me through to direct the scene. And, you know, it was on a very pivotal day when the entire press, you know, junction was getting ready to happen. And all these people were there. And he could have easily said to me, no, no, no, I, you know, these people have come to see me. And what did he do? He was like, nope, Sherry's at the forefront, and he let me do my thing. And I think that's the kind of humble spirit that they have. And really, their true focus is to disciple and bring up this generation. And, you know, if you ever get a chance to be on their set, you realize, you know, first is discipleship, Unity team efforts, God's first everything else is second. And so it's been really cool to be a part of that. Because now I feel like we get to take that into our own sets and what we desire to create as well. And that's how you create disciples. And so we're trying to do the same thing as we create content as well. Yeah,

Micah Lynn Hanson  7:41  
when I met Sheree through being on over her, so we met on a Kendrick Brothers set. And I knew that I had been praying for a mentor in my life, like a female mentor in the industry. And God use the Kendricks to bring me even that. So forever grateful for them and what they do.

Trevor Tyson  7:58  
That's amazing. And the stories

Shari Rigby  8:00  
too, because she, she's really like, I'm telling you, we both were praying, because when I met her, the Lord totally spoke to me, not just over that she had really great shoes on, but that he literally he was like, you're gonna walk alongside of this woman for the rest of her life. And that's a very long time. And so, and I didn't even know what that meant. But what I did realize was that I wanted to make sure that I was praying independently. And so when Mike and actually connected, it was probably a couple months later, and we both had been praying over it and feeling the same thing. So it was really cool to see what God was doing through the Kendricks through this movie, and then putting us together. And here we are today, you know,

Micah Lynn Hanson  8:42  
four or five years later, yep.

Trevor Tyson  8:44  
Yep, that's insane. And just hearing the stories, it does nothing, but just gives me more appreciation for the just atmosphere that the Kendricks bring into their sets, and their movies. And I remember the first time you and I met Sherry, it was at the Columbus, Georgia screening for overcomer. And the first thing I know is you walked in, like, all stalled out and Jennifer Willingham was standing next to me. She's like, she's just so stunning. She walks into a room and they just everybody just stops. And I'm like, that's, that's right. So y'all are both amazing. That's very accurate. I was just like, is that the First Lady? That is this. But it's so funny that he threw you into that spot, because I'm just waiting for somebody to call. Hey, we need like a 10 second bit of a news anchor for a film and I'm like, I got you. I got you.

Shari Rigby  9:40  
Listen, when we're when we have something I know. We've already texted about it. You will come on and work with Yes. Yeah. So we've got you.

Trevor Tyson  9:49  
I'll love it and you heard it here first. Shari Rigby is gonna put me in a movie and it's gonna make millions and millions and millions of dollars for the box office in Jesus name, right? But ladies, thank you so much for being a part of this. I'm excited. And without further ado, y'all make some noise in your couches and your bathroom and your car wherever you are for the Kendrick Brothers. What's going on everyone, as you heard in the intro, I am now joined by none other than the Kendrick Brothers whom are getting ready to watch their latest film Lifemark into theater starting on September 9. Alex, Steven, thank y'all so much for being here today.

Stephen Kendrick  10:29  
Good to be with you. Yeah.

Trevor Tyson  10:31  
But it's hilarious because I know that like is 2022. Now you're about to put out this amazing film touching on the subject of adoption, which is so important to hear, especially in today's day and age. But I specifically remember having my mom drive me to ours to a pre screening of war room a few years ago, and then from that, being able to go to the red carpet for overcomer. And now doing this. It's just like a whole little journey that we've been able to go on together. And you guys didn't even know it. So here we are. No, we didn't. That's cool.

Stephen Kendrick  11:03  
And now you're a hipster bearded podcaster like so many others.

Trevor Tyson  11:09  
I'm just trying to be like you guys cut me some slack. No know,

Stephen Kendrick  11:14  
the color man work on the color. Salt and

Trevor Tyson  11:17  
pepper is the goal here. If I can be able to pull it off like you guys and Kirk Cameron and Matt Hammett. I'll just have it made, the whole thing will be a home run. And we'll be able to do some more. But I'm super excited to touch on this film Life mark. And the first thing I really want to talk about is the heart behind the film. So could you break that down for us and explain to us a little bit of what we can expect in theaters.

Alex Kendrick  11:42  
Yeah, you know, Kirk Cameron called us in 2019. We just finished a film called overcomer. And Kirk says, Guys, you got to watch this short documentary. It was called I lived on Parker Avenue. He said it crushed my heart. He said it was unbelievable. As a father good way. Yeah. As a father who adopted four of his six kids. He said this is just right down my heart. We watched it Stephens adopted it does. Yeah. And man, it melted our heart. And so this has got to be a feature film. Basically, it's about an 18 year old girl. And the last second she rolls off the abortion table tells the doctor I can't do this. Basically, God speaks to her. Yeah, she walks out places the baby for adoption. The baby was adopted by a Christian couple who could not have their own children. They had lost two children and young finsih. So genetic disease, the doctor says you can't have your own. When so they adopt David, when David becomes 18 himself, he gets to meet his biological mother, she thought he would hate her because of the decisions she made. But he wraps her up in a loving hug. And it just melts her heart. He says thank you, thank you, thank you for the decision you made thank you for letting me be adopted. I love my family. I'm so grateful. And she just melts and says I can't believe it turned out like this today. The adoptive mother named Melissa Coles, she speaks around the country sharing her story. David is now in his 20s he passed the bar and is now a lawyer who helps other families adopt. So it's just incredible. And so there's more to this story. But I don't want to reveal everything. There's some twists and turns and some action. And so we made the movie Lifemark, which shares this true story. And it's our first movie based on an actual true story. And again, the elements that are in it happened in real life, so we can't wait for people to see it. That's

Trevor Tyson  13:29  
phenomenal. And with this being the first film that's actually based on a true story, what spices things out what makes it a whole lot different for this season of the Kendrick Brothers with this being solely based on someone else's life?

Stephen Kendrick  13:42  
Well, Alex and I were just laughing because we feel like we adopted this movie. Instead of it being a biological birth child of our prayers and you know, creativity, we've taken up a true story where we interviewed the real people, and we're diving deep into their what they were thinking what they were feeling their whole journeys, and you get to follow in this movie, just a wide perspective of people, you get to see what is it like for this teenage girl who's afraid, doesn't know what to do her boyfriend and her deciding they want to, you know, have an abortion. And then God is speaking to your heart at the same time you're following the baby growing up? And what's it like for him to be adopted? He's talking about that journey. You're following these adopted parents who'd lost two kids and our are going through the struggles and then the joys of adoption for them. And then to fast forward. What is everybody like 20 years later? And how does that one courageous decision by this mom at the last second affect the whole world of everybody else? It's so the conversations they have are like powder keg emotional conversations. And the true story is they went skydiving the next day after they met. Yeah, it's so we feature that it's actually really funny in the movie. And so we think right now the church especially needs to be rising up with clarity. Because Roe v Wade being overturned, hasn't ended really anything other than it's dropped down to 50 battles at 50 state capitals. Now the state legislators are going to be held accountable by God, because it's in their hands to make the decisions about the millions of people in their states. And right now Hollywood is already planning on making movies and television shows, presenting abortion as a wonderful option for people to pursue. And we're presenting a true story showing the wider perspective that you can show compassion for a girl in a pregnancy not knowing what to do, but also show compassion for the unborn child that has no voice in her womb that has its own heartbeat and brainwaves and DNA and blood type and fingerprints separate from the moms. And you can also show compassion for these people that would love to have kids that can't. And so we think the church could shine right now, we think adoption really needs to be risen up as a beautiful option for people to consider and pray about, or to support the families in their community. And having adopted a child myself, my wife, and I did. It's amazing that God can give you just as much love for that adopted child as your biological kids.

Trevor Tyson  16:13  
That's phenomenal. And the whole track record for your filmography, I believe is what it would be called or whatever that is. I'm not a filmmaker. So you're getting the right Yes, I got it right. I'm not that dumb. You've gone from flywheel to Facing the Giants, to courageous, fireproof. overcomer. And now wife, Mark, this has been a whole journey, like not only for the people that are watching the films, but for you guys, as well. Your cinematography switches up, it gets better every time the storytelling, the acting, everything increases? Was there any pressure with this film being created, especially coming out of the COVID 19 pandemic, and with Roe vs. Wade getting overturned? And one thing that I feel just to tag on to this question is like, this film isn't coming at the pro abortion errs. It's leveling the playing field like not even politically, but just from a storytelling perspective, because like you said, people are going to be making content based on like, hey, abortion is a good thing. And you guys are just like, hey, this isn't us preaching at you. This is us sharing someone's story that we thought could help someone else out there. So you're leveling the playing field. And with that, with the films getting better, the cinematography getting better? What was the pressure like, especially in this political climate to produce a landmark or Lifemark?

Alex Kendrick  17:33  
Yeah, that's that is a great question. Because a number of Studios in Hollywood that have chased us and wanted our films, they want to get into the faith space and the family friendly space a little bit more. They came after us. But when they saw this film, they said, that's a topic we are not going to touch, which is crazy,

Stephen Kendrick  17:51  
because they will allow us to put the gospel in films. But on this issue, it's too much of a hot button for them.

Alex Kendrick  17:58  
Yeah. So they said a numerous studios said we're not releasing this film. So we said, God, you wanted us to make this film. And the doors opened for us to actually make the film we had supporters, investors, we had, you know, the actors, the team, the locations, so we shot it, we said, Lord, we're gonna give this one to you. And then Fathom steps up to the plate and says, We want to release this film will put it in 1500 theaters, and they did in 48 states and 48 states. So it's coming out September 9, they're not doing one or two days, they're given us a week. And if it does, well, they're expanded to more weeks. And so they said, We're not afraid. And so we're so grateful for that. So we're releasing it as a Fathom event. And it's got extra material at the end, when we come back up, and we let you meet some of the real people. We've shared the gospel at the end. So we're grateful for that. And, and this film, at the same time is coming out as you know, Roe versus Wade is just been overturned. And now Hollywood, is making some television shows and films right now that promote abortion that promote choosing that avenue. They'll tell some heart touching stories, all fake, but heart touching stories that make the audience go, oh, maybe abortion is the right right path. So we're not doing that we're giving you a true story that actually happened with a girl gets off the abortion table. And it turned out beautifully. And yes, there are some hurdles along the way. Life is messy. But the end result was so good, so beautiful. And now David, that was moments away from being aborted, is now married and helping other families adopt their children. And so I'm like this is gotta be shared. We just let the story speak for itself. So yeah, there was a lot of stuff in the way but at the same time, we God has been faithful and I can't wait to see what he does with this film.

Trevor Tyson  19:41  
I'm excited as well. And the fact that Fathom and Kurt Cameron stepped up to the plate to really make this thing happen is encouraging. One question I do have is for those people that are listening to this right now and are hardcore abortion advocates, maybe they don't understand the point of or the per perspective that you're coming from, from a Christian perspective? How would you pitch this film to them? And how would you encourage them to watch this with an open mind and actually hear this true story?

Stephen Kendrick  20:10  
Well, I would say put yourself in the shoes of someone else, get out of your self centered, you know, comfort zone, and ask yourself the question, what if I was in the womb? And, and other people who have been given the chance at life, my life is placed in their hands? What would love do in this situation? If we were to ask, what does comfort tos? Or what does? What do I feel like doing? Or how's it going to benefit me, you'll make one decision. But Jesus says, We need to live life with a love for God and love for other people. And when they asked him, Well, what does love look like, He gives us the good Samaritan story of a guy who doesn't choose his comfort zone, he's willing to see the need of somebody else and show compassion for them, and meet them at their point of need. And so it says in Proverbs 31, that we should speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. For those that are destined for destruction. Abortion should not only be it shouldn't be an issue about whether or not it's legal, it should be unthinkable. Because we, in our generation, look back at slavery, and we say, How in the world, could they have tolerated slavery, so long, treating these people that are made in the image of God, and they're valuable, like, they're just properties that like, they're like, they're just expendable. We look back at the atrocity of that with clear vision. At the time, though, all the political climate, all the money that was involved, it was really intoxicating people to choose what is comfortable and popular rather than what is right and just in that situation. So right now, my hope is that 1015 20 years from now, abortion is unthinkable, that if we ought to let these girls and for you're really pro choice, what about the millions of choices this baby is not going to be able to make now. And I would say let the mom hold the baby first and look into its eyes, before she makes the decision. Because 70% of the time, if a girl who's pregnant will have an a sonogram, she'll change her mind when she sees it's a beating heart, it's a different blood type of DNA and fingerprint, and brain and heart of her own. Oftentimes, it's the blood type of the dad, not the mom, it's not a part of her body, even though it's in her body. And so there's so many lies that are wrapped up in, you know, proposed by people that are motivated by greed and money. And I would say we have an opportunity to show incredible compassion for any girl, or any couple that isn't an unwanted pregnancy. But can you think of anything more vulnerable or innocent than an unborn child, and we need to be in a situation where we give it a voice. And if she doesn't want to have the child or raise it, there are so there are hundreds of 1000s of couples that cannot have children with that with long to raise that child. And this movie is one example of that, you know, so I think compassion at every level, not lopsided, fake compassion, in a small situation for just a mom at the death and destruction of everybody else that's involved.

Trevor Tyson  23:21  
Wow. And this is also encouraging to hear. And just to kind of pivot the conversation a little bit. So this film is talking about the adoption story for this young kid. And it's encouraging to hear that, like, there are millions of decisions that this kid will make in his whole life, he's married, he's having a great life, etc. What are some ways that the church and Christians in general can step up and help out the current epidemic within the foster care system and provide more resources, more hope and more love to the children that are currently in it?

Alex Kendrick  23:56  
So I'm gonna say this actually, there's a number of ways matter of fact, that's one of the things we were thinking when we were building our website, Lifemark Knowing that we don't need it just to show the trailer just to show the actors or where your theater is, you can go to it for those reasons. But also, we have a whole section of partners. So when someone says, Who do I talk to? We have ministry and people ready. What's the number I can call right now we have that ready. You know, if I want to adopt, where can I go? We have options ready? And there's a long line of people wanting to adopt and there are churches stepping up saying hey, if Roe versus Wade is over overturned, and now it is how do we get involved? How can we provide nurture So even our own church has five locations just in our community, where a woman can come that needs advice, counsel, help support resources that can come and be ministered to to help with her baby? And so our church is funneling people time money into reaching out to them as well, but we need that happening at a national level. We need that Churches nationwide and other countries saying we will reach out we will help those that need it compassionately and lovingly, so yes, we want to present truth and defend it. But we also want to love Jesus did that really well, we're supposed to emulate him.

Trevor Tyson  25:15  
And I think the important thing here is that you guys actually are inviting people to the table to have a conversation to witness the film. Not only that, but you're providing resources to answer those questions that a lot of people are really scared to tackle this topic, today's day and age. And with all of the different messages that you've put out, and your filmography from the past, what gives you the drive to continue to pick up the pen and keep creating films for today's day and age?

Stephen Kendrick  25:43  
Well, movies not only reached the head, but they reached the heart and your mood when he time you can accompany truth with love, compassion, emotion, art that makes it more beautiful. It is so persuasive. We know that only God can change the heart, he can only he can open people's eyes. But he has entrusted this technology to us. Because it combines so many different art forms. You've got example, you've got the power of story, you got the power of music, you get the power of the visuals, the character development and your care and concern for all these things, all wrapped together in this one powerful media that we've been entrusted with the world is using it oftentimes for wrong purposes to lead people astray. To promote the destruction of marriages, the destruction of children rebellion, you know, anger, hatred, you know, there's so much venom, that is leading people morally away from where they need to be. We think that you can make very entertaining and inspirational movies, and yet use them for good or you leave the theater a better person than when you walked in, and that we're helping you not only with your faith in God, but we're helping you with the most important relationships in your life, helping your marriage to be stronger your relationship with your kids to be stronger your own sense of purpose and identity in life. And so we're praying right now that God will continue to give us storylines and ideas. And because the impact is not only local, but it's going to 80 countries around the world. And we're hearing people's lives being transformed by the truth that comes from God's word, man, we want to keep praying and keep moving forward. And we're actually even investing in the next generation of Christian filmmakers to try to help train them up so they can keep doing it too. So this is like modern day parables, but wrapped up in a media that can really go to the ends of the earth.

Trevor Tyson  27:37  
And what is the number one message that you want the audience to walk away from after seeing this film,

Alex Kendrick  27:44  
God creates life He is the author who gives humanity the option to procreate life in it is worth defending, it is worth treasuring and stewarding. And it is up to us to value that because we are designed in the image of God scripture says, and that we need to defend those who cannot defend themselves, but do so lovingly and truthfully. And that adoption is a beautiful option over abortion. And so when people see this film, there is hope there is there is redemption, there is forgiveness available for those who will choose it. And so we want to minister we want to be a part of that avenue for people to find. So this movie is our first step. The ministries we're partnering with helping that happen, and hopefully will will inspire more of the Body of Christ and churches nationwide and beyond to step up to the plate.

Trevor Tyson  28:38  
Come on. And for the person listening today that has been adopted, that may be questioning their life's value, purpose, sense of identity. What words of encouragement would you give to them today?

Stephen Kendrick  28:51  
I would say that the Lord created you, he placed you in this specific womb he wanted you to be born in. And it says in Psalm 139, that not only are you fearfully and wonderfully made, but that every day of your life, he already is aware of what you're going to go through God's plan is always what it says in Ephesians 210. You are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, that he's prepared beforehand for you to do. So he's going to use your adoption journey as a way to point people back to God because God is the father to the fatherless. There are great people in Scripture that were adopted, including Moses, Esther, and Jesus was adopted by his earthly father Joseph. And so my wife and I adopted our baby girl from China, and we see how God's plan for her is so incredible and special. And I would say that anyone who's been adopted, you can know that every believer in Jesus Christ, the Bible says God adopts us. So all of us who are have placed our faith in Christ, God spiritually adopts us, and He becomes our Father. And so adoption should be something that we celebrate Never anything that we should look down on?

Trevor Tyson  30:02  
Come on. And Alex, did you want to add anything to that?

Alex Kendrick  30:05  
Man, we're just excited. We can't wait to see what the Lord's done. You know, when we screened it a week ago, there was a man in the audience. 32 years old. He comes to me right after the film. He says Alex had tears in his eyes. He said, Alex, my wife and I have been unable to have children. And I've been opposed to adoption, my wife is open to it. And I'm sitting here watching this film Lifemark. And halfway through the film, The Lord tags my heart and says you can do this. And he said, I just melted in. I'm going home right now to tell my wife, I am open to adoption. Let's start praying that through. And I was like, oh, Lord, if you can do this regularly, if you can touch people's heart and melt it and just point in the direction you would have them to go, that's what we want. So I can't I can't wait to see what happens.

Trevor Tyson  30:53  
That's so awesome. And lastly, where can people buy tickets and find out more about the Kendrick Brothers,

Stephen Kendrick  30:58  
you can go to life Mart, you can Lifemark There's an opportunity to put your zip code in you can see what theaters are playing a live mark around you. I would tell people buy tickets early. Because they're selling out in different theaters. There's limited show times. There's limited theaters that are playing it. It's in 1500 screens in 48 states. But some of those cities are selling out the showtimes early, but at lightbar There's other resources, there's ministry resources that are there. And if it does, well that out that first week Fathom is talked about extending it beyond that to another week, we hope that will happen. concerning us, you can go to Kendrick or you can follow us on Facebook, we've got a big following there. And we're always updating about the movies and things that we're working on.

Trevor Tyson  31:46  
I love that so much. And we're gonna put the links for all this stuff in the description below. If you're listening to this right now, get your tickets go see Lifemark Alec Steven, thank you so much for joining us today.

Alex Kendrick  31:57  
Good to talk to you. Thank

Stephen Kendrick  31:59  
you, man. Take care

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Micah Lynn Hanson

Micah Lynn Hanson, was born in Costa Mesa, California, raised in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and is now a theatre and on camera actor/singer based out of Nashville, TN.

Her most recent credits include CMT's "NASHVILLE" and playing the lead role, Alice, opposite Alan Powell (Redliners, The Song), in the Kendrick Brother"s film/miniseries "Like Arrows: The Art Of Parenting".

Growing up one of 6 children it wasn't until her late teens that Micah found her passion for the arts. Beginning in a small children's theatre musical production in her home town, she immediately fell in love with performing and her career took off as she quickly began booking professional jobs on stage, film, and television.

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Stephen and his wife, Jill, live in Albany, Georgia, with their six children. They are active members of Sherwood Church in Albany.

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Shari Rigby, a former model who represented numerous companies such as Mercedes Benz, Humira, American West Airlines, Suzuki, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cox Cable, got her start in acting as a lead in the Dove award winning music video, “Slow Fade,” by Casting Crowns. She also appeared in The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Her feature films include Not Today which received seven awards including an IFFF Spirit Award and Best Justice Film, October Baby named one of the “Top 15 Impressive Box Office Performances of 2012” by CNN, and leading roles in the upcoming films Boonville Redemption (starring Diane Ladd, Ed Asner), Wildflower (starring Cody Longo and Nathalia Ramos), The Journalist (starring Sharman Joshi and Stephen Baldwin), Extraordinary (starring Karen Abercrombie, Leland Klassen and Lindsley Register), and Overcomer (starring Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer and Aryn Wright Thompson).

Shari co-wrote her biography, Beautifully Flawed, with Claire Yorita Lee, which was published in Feb. 2015, and the screenplay has been completed. Recently, Shari has completed a new 7 day devotional titled, Pursue The Passion, for the re-release of The Passion Of The Christ.

Shari's directing debut was for her book trailer for Beautifully Flawed, which she co-wrote and produced. This short film launched Shari into writing and directing several pieces such as, Birdie's Song, a short film nominated for 8 awards at the 168 Film Festival. Lassies for the Salvation Army, The Church That Never Sleeps for the Dream Center, and Pursue The Passion short video for FOX/ICON just to name a few. Shari is currently the Executive Producer, Writer and Director for the Dream Center television show currently airing on Daystar and has recently been made the Director of Broadcast Media for the Dream Center. Shari continues writing on her book series, 3M’s – Mother, Mother-in-Law and Me and Ladies Don’t Smoke, all part of theBeautifully Flawed brand. Shari's passion is about tell stories that move, inspire and move people into action.

Shari is the founder of “The Women In My World,” a women's group focusing on identity, purpose, ministry, serving others and living life in Hollywood. Shari speaks on these topics and has spoken to over 70,000 people and counting. Shari’s passion is serving others by creating and sharing powerful stories of individuals overcoming the odds.