June 14, 2022

Mandy Hale

In her conversation with Trevor Talks, Mandy explains why this book— which is all about letting go of the “what-ifs” in order to embrace what is— couldn’t possibly be more timely for the world in 2022. She tells the story of the personal heartbreaks and intense heart-work that this book grew from. Her authentic perspective on mental health, creativity, singleness and healing offer solidarity to anyone in the middle of their own what-ifs.

Mandy Hale has been offering her down-to-earth, relatable insight on what it’s like to be a single woman for years now. But with her newest book, Turn Toward the Sun, she gives voice to human experience as a whole.


In her conversation with Trevor Talks, Mandy explains why this book— which is all about letting go of the “what-ifs” in order to embrace what is— couldn’t possibly be more timely for the world in 2022. She tells the story of the personal heartbreaks and intense heart-work that this book grew from. Her authentic perspective on mental health, creativity, singleness and healing offer solidarity to anyone in the middle of their own what-ifs.


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Mandy Hale  0:00  
I think everybody, everybody on this planet is dealing with some sort of what if it doesn't have to be health related? You know, what if I stay single forever? What if I don't? You know, find my dream job? What if I fail? What if this happens? What if that happens? And I think that you can get so stuck in that cycle that you forget to live your life and the what is and what is actually happening right in front of you just gets lost.

Trevor Tyson  0:30  
Thank you for tuning in to Trevor talks podcast, where we talk to real people about real topics and real stories. Today's guest is a blogger turn New York Times best selling author her words of touch millions of people across the globe with words of encouragement and heartfelt messages to meet anyone right where they are her new book turn toward the sun, releasing What if and embracing what is will be available everywhere in May. Please help me welcome Miss Mandy Hale Mandy, thank you for being here. Thank you so much for having me. Of course, I was reading through the press release, like I told you and I was like, Oh my gosh, everybody needs to hear this message right now. So it's just really cool to finally get the get everything moving and hopefully spread the word about this amazing book. Thank you so much. And absolutely, yeah, I agree. As we we spoke about just a few minutes ago, before we hopped on, officially, um, it just kind of feels like the world has been in this very heavy, dark place for the last couple of years between the pandemic and then I feel like people have been going through so much personally outside of the pandemic, which the pandemic is already enough, but then you add life on top of the pandemic. And it's just been a really challenging time for a lot of people. And so it felt like a really timely message and actually had to sort of fight for the title turned toward the sun, my publisher didn't necessarily think that was the best title. But I just knew inherently in my gut that people were ready for some light, and I'm ready to you know, let the sun shine. And after a very sort of dark night of the soul that we've all been through, so couldn't be prouder of the book or, you know, even the fact that the car is bright yellow makes me really happy. So I really hope that it will be a light for people. Well, I definitely know that it will, in yellow is a very bright color. So whenever people see it on the bookshelves at Barnes and Noble or whether they're on Audible, whatever, they're going to see that cover and it's beautiful. Um, why do you think the title was a little bit more difficult to get the publisher to sign off on seems like a great title. Cool, thank you. And I thought so too. Um, I've had to fight for a couple of my titles. It's a really interesting process when you write books, because in my mind, I know I wrote the book, this is what the title is. But then you have these marketing people come in, and these designs sorry, my cat has, he's, he's no Welcome to the show with us, but, um, they have preconceived notions of what the book should be, before they've even read it. So it's just kind of this very interesting dynamic of, you know, me, the author who's so close to the material, sometimes too close, arguably, sometimes it helps to have somebody who's a little bit removed from, from the process to determine, you know, what the best

Mandy Hale  3:31  
how to best label and title the book. But in this case, it was something so near and dear to my heart, and so personal and so relevant to where I just felt like our world is at. I knew I just knew in my heart and my soul and my gut that this was the title that the book needed to have. And so I really went to bat for it and ended up winning that battle. And here we are, and I'm so happy because I just think that, you know, you can never have have too much sunshine, especially right now.

Trevor Tyson  4:05  
That is 100%. True as we're going into summer, eventually this year, is such a great reminder for people to know that at the end of those tunnels, there is a light. And one thing that I really want to touch on Mandy is you've seen a lot of success come from your words and from your writing. And a lot of people that listen to the show, love to write, they love the blog, they want to be authors, they want to be musicians, they're doing something creative. So I really want to dive into your story like you as an individual as not only the author, not only the single woman, not only the woman that we're looking at today, but what are some of the challenges and stuff that you went through to become the woman that you are today. And the whole point behind like real people, real topics and real stories is where people can hopefully hear a little bit of themselves and other people's stories. So would you mind sharing yours?

Mandy Hale  4:58  
Absolutely not. I'd love to Um, yeah, I think the whole journey for me started, it's been over a decade now. And I've always loved to write. But I was working in a completely different field Public Relations at the time and wasn't really feeling super creatively challenged by my position and my career path. And so I decided to start a blog. Because especially, I mean, blogs are still a thing now, but 10 years ago, blogs were the thing, you know, I mean, it was all the rage. So I started the blog enough, but before I started, I was like, Okay, what is it going to be about, and I had just come out of a really unhealthy, even toxic relationship, as I'm sure a lot of people can relate to being on the other side of getting out of an unhealthy situation. And I was feeling, you know, very strong and empowered. But at the same time, you know, a little vulnerable and okay, I'm on my own again, even though I walked away from a really unhealthy situation, here I am on my own again, and what's that going to be like, and it's been, we were together for a couple years. And now, here, I am single. And so I thought I'm gonna write about that journey, I'm gonna write about, you know, singleness. And I'm gonna do it in a way that is positive and hopeful and funny sometimes and real and authentic. And so I really just started writing about my life and about my single journey. And I honestly, never thought I would still be here at age 43. Still single, but here we are, over 10 years later. But it's been such an amazing just an amazing journey to get to connect with other single women from honestly all over the world. And to see really, from day one, when I started the blog, and then the social media platforms to sort of promote the blog, just to see how women from everywhere, I mean, all over the world, South Africa, Canada, London, Philippines, just everywhere, all over the globe, connecting with someone who is standing up and saying, Hey, it's okay to be single. And it's not just okay, it can be really awesome, and really amazing and really empowering and, and a really great opportunity to find yourself and to figure out what you want to do with your life before you bring someone else into the picture with you. And yeah, I think women felt like someone had finally given them a voice. And so for me, that was a very powerful thing. And that's not to say, you know, to kind of touch on what you mentioned, the challenges along the way. I mean, certainly, there have been times along, you know, within the last 10 years, when I wanted to hand it all back and say, Hey, let someone else be the single woman for a while I'm tired of leading this inspiration parade, I'm ready to just live, you know, just just be a normal person who's in relationship. And I've obviously I've had relationships over the years, but it does sort of people sort of feel like you've branded, you know, that I've branded myself, the single woman and so the challenge of that is okay, how can I continue to, you know, speak about singleness in a positive way and encourage single women, and also balance my own desire with wanting to eventually at some point, you know, hopefully be married and have a family of my own. So it's been a very interesting sort of, I don't know back and forth over the years of loving what I do and embracing it and then wanting to hand it off to someone else and say, okay, something else take a turn and I'm just gonna go get married and be boring. And we've like five kids not to say married people are boring, I don't mean that. But for me, it's just kind of been this, this very interesting tension of absolutely loving to empower and encourage and motivate and entertain single women and also wanting to not necessarily be single for the rest of my life.

Trevor Tyson  9:05  
Well, in the fact that you're being vulnerable about it speaks for itself like yeah, it's branded the single woman but I find it interesting that like, I'm a single guy, right and I've had we had Kate warmen on to talk about thank you for rejecting me we had cat Harris come on talk about sexless in the city and it's like we have all the single women coming on the show to talk about their single journeys, but I don't think I've yet to have a guy straight up. So I'm single here's how I'm navigating. It's like that's that's very interesting. It's almost like the women are more vulnerable about the relationship things because it brings healing in a certain kind of way to empower women in that way but I've yet i There might be a guy out doing it. I haven't seen it yet. Have you

Mandy Hale  9:51  
found your you know, your mantle and why maybe you are the single man but it's single man. It's interesting. Let us say that because I've noticed and you might have noticed this as a man, I am a big reader. Obviously, if I'm a writer and you're gonna, your chances are you're going to be a big bookworm. If you write books. So anytime I'm in the bookstore, and I'm perusing, you know, the dating and relationship aisle or the self help aisle, or, or what, what have you, it's always women. It's always women reading the books. It's always women consuming the materials. And I find that so interesting. It's like, are the men why are the men and but then the other interesting side of that is that a lot of the dating books are actually written by men. You have Steve Harvey, you have Greg Barrett, you have? I'm not gonna say it right. As is on sorry, who wrote the book, Aziz Ansari. All right. I love him. From Parks and Rec, obviously, fan, but I knew I was gonna butcher his name. But you have the men writing the books about dating and relationships and singleness and not ABA, but you have the women reading them. And so I just think that's, that's fascinating. And it's something that I don't really quite get, but it's just to touch on what you said. It's absolutely accurate.

Trevor Tyson  11:17  
Yeah. And it's funny to think about like, okay, somebody out there is single and they need to hear your story they need to hear my story they need to hear somebody to relate with. Yet it there is there does seem to be a gap between the masculine man talking about being single, it's almost as if there's a bridge that needs to be created there. So that's quite interesting. And I know that's a rabbit trail thing. I'm like, I'll see like nine rabbits in this episode, basically. But it's it's fascinating to think about you coming like not coming out of the journey of being the single woman that's still your brand. But for this new chapter for this new book, people are being encouraged to simply live in the right now. Yes. And don't worry about the past. Don't worry about the future. Let's appreciate where we are right now. And that is a statement on its own. I'm curious to hear. What are some of the stories and times that you went through that led up? Do you feel like okay, I really have to write about this, people need to be reminded to jump out of the rat race to quit striving to keep up with the Joneses? Yeah, let's worry about right now.

Mandy Hale  12:25  
Well, it's actually an interesting story, because the book was supposed to be about something else entirely. It well, not not completely different, it was supposed to be more centered and letting go and moving on, which are both huge, you know, topics that need to be discussed and analyzed and written about. But as life happened, and as the pandemic happened, and then a few months into the pandemic, in the horrible year of 2020, that we should probably just refer to as the year that shall not be named it but within within a month, both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. And that just sent my world into just a complete and total tailspin. Because very close with my family, especially when you're still single. And you know, I'm the baby of the family. And, you know, throughout the pandemic, in particular, I was, as a lot of us were I was looking at, for my parents making sure because they are older and more high risk. And so I was making sure that they had, you know, Lysol wipes and masks and all the things that they needed to protect themselves. And so that they became, you know, a really big part of us my social circle during that very isolated time. And so I've always been really close to them, but I was even more close to them when that diagnosis came about. And I was just devastated my entire my family, our entire lives were just flipped upside down. And it was during a really awful time, you know, the pandemic was raging, so I couldn't go out and forget my troubles with a girls night out because nobody was having girls nights out and places were closed, and you couldn't just go out and do normal things to take care of yourself and to forget about your problems for a little while and to you know, to just sort of get away from, from the sadness and the stress. And so, it sort of became a mantra with my family because I'm someone who's always sort of been turned in toward and being an anxious person anyway. And especially global pandemic, everyone, you know, you could get this horrible disease that could kill you. So it was already on high alert. But then when this happened with my parents, it was like okay, I was just trapped in this cycle of the what ifs? What if my parents die? What if I'm left alone? What if, you know I get sick and I can't help take care of them? What if what if what if I was just the what ifs? When I was paralyzed, I was not able to move forward in my life and even be of benefit to my parents who needed me because I was so like a deer in headlights just terrorists by the one F. And so my dad, both my dad and my therapist sort of had the same mantra. You can't live in the what if you have to live in the what is and so that, for me, became a mantra. And it became, you know, very centering, and I was able to say, okay, even though these big scary things have happened, even though worst case scenario has happened 99% of the what ifs that most of us worry about and get stuck in our heads about and get paralyzed by it and never end up happening. And even if they do happen, you're you're forcing yourself to live through them twice by torturing yourself with the what ifs and then it happens, and then you have to actually live through it. So I realized that is no way to to fully live, not for yourself and not for the people who love you and need you. And so I knew in that moment that because I think everybody, everybody on this planet is dealing with some sort of what if it doesn't have to be health related? You know, what if I stay single forever? What if I don't, you know, find my dream job? What if I fail? What if this happens? What if that happens, and I think that you can get so stuck in that cycle that you forget to live your life. And the what is and what is actually happening right in front of you just gets lost and very happy to report that. You know, almost two years later, both my parents are still here. And we're still fighting every single day. And I'm so much more present in my life than I was before. And that's not to say that I'm grateful for all the things that have happened, I would hand every single thing of it back if I could. But here's where we're at now. And this is this is what I'm dealing with today in this moment. And this moment is all I have to deal with yesterday is over tomorrow hasn't happened. This moment is where my power is. And it's where your power is. So

Trevor Tyson  17:13  
yeah. And it's so encouraging to hear you talk about this because what if, what if, what if, what if, what if you actually what if, okay, I have gone through a ton of therapy in my life. I've combat anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, all of the things. And more recently, like after the pandemic had stopped, I'm one of those people if I don't go to the airport or fly for a while I get a sort of anxiousness. About getting to the airport, like not even the airport,

Mandy Hale  17:48  
I'm with you on all of the above. Yeah,

Trevor Tyson  17:51  
it's like, you get that, especially if you're going to speak like, it's not the event. When you get to the event, you're fine. But on the way there, it's just like, I'm dying. I don't know what's going on. I'm gonna puke. Like, all of these things are rushing through your head, and it's like, God, why can't this stop? But the one thing that I've had to remind myself is like, yeah, what if like, Okay, what if I did this? What if I were to go and get on the airplane and have to use a barf bag, which I haven't had to do happy to report that praise God. But what if like, okay, life goes on, you know, things are gonna happen in life. And we're just going to have to do what we always do just keep rising above the scenario. Yeah. And it's so empowering to hear it, especially coming from another person and being able to have dialogue on it. Because, yeah, we all have these what ifs? And I love that you're saying, Well, what is because it brings it to a present tense. Okay? What is happening right now I'm having a beautiful discussion with my new friend, Mandy, I'm able to record something that people are going to listen to, and that I believe God's given us a divine appointment to have this conversation. That is what's happening right now. And I couldn't be any more grateful to just be here talking to you and all of our listeners that are listening across the globe, like God's got a plan for each and every single one of us. We can't let that anxiety that depression that what if drag us down, was focused on what we're going through right now. And that's exactly what you're capturing in this book. And I wanted to bring this conversation up in an angle that isn't going to turn guys off like I don't want to hear from the single woman or whatever. That's just dudes mentality is fun, right? Yeah. So for you, from a personal brand perspective, the single woman What were some of those What if moments that you had to get over to become in the moment who you are today in the what is scenario?

Mandy Hale  19:50  
Oh gosh, anything you could possibly think of? Honestly, I am one fun thing that my it's I say fun because it's actually funny when you play it out. One thing that my therapists one of the tools that and if I believe every human being on earth should be in therapy, I think we would have such a happier, healthier, more peaceful world. If everyone was in therapy, it could be just mandatory. But she said when you're going through those What if, like when you're on your way to the airport, you're worried about the barf bag. Like speaking out loud, like what are your biggest, craziest what ifs? Well, what if the plane crashes? What if I barf all over the person that seat next to me? What if this, and when you start speaking out loud, I've done this, I've walked through this exercise with my mom. And when she started speaking her what ifs out loud, she actually started cracking up because it was so just out there and off the wall. And there's probably no way in the world that it would ever happen. I mean, not to say you will ever need a barf bag. But it's almost funny when you start speaking out your, your craziest what ifs and, and you start to really kind of come back to center and realize, okay, man, I'm letting my thoughts run all over me. I'm absolutely letting my thoughts just keep me in a tailspin. And so I think, I think for me, probably the biggest What if, at this point in my life, just seeing my parents walk through cancer together and seeing how beautiful they are together and how they take care of each other. And realizing Okay, that's what love is like, not all these other things that I thought it was all these years like the like the lightning bolts and the crashing rainbows and the sparkles that you know come out of the person's mouth as they speak, which all those things are wonderful, but the unconditional love, the willingness to show up for each other in you know, sickness and in health till death do us part like That's what love is. That's what I want. And I think the biggest one for me has been what if I don't ever find that? What if my story is that I'm going to be alone for my entire life. And I talked about this in the book. And I've had to really come to a place of peace with that and realize, you know what, because one of the things keep going back to my therapist, but again, it's so important, by therapists that you've survived a pandemic alone, there is nothing you cannot do. And I want you to remember that. And so it's like, I've survived everything I've been through up to this point, this moment this day, in my life alone so far. So if I'm alone for the rest of my life alone, meaning I don't have a romantic partner, a significant other. I'll be okay. And I'm still gonna live the biggest fullest, best joyful, bravest life I can possibly live with or without someone.

Trevor Tyson  22:54  
Well, just on a positive note, you're a catch. I don't know what's out with these dudes in Nashville. Don't worry about it. Okay, you don't worry about it. I, I find it super inspiring to hear the words that are coming out of your mouth like I'm 24. And I think of like, I have those moments of like, Oh, what if what if you know what if I never get married, whatever. And I've walked through those scenarios of okay, well, I mean, I'm doing the Trevor talks thing. We've got the agency we've got these things that are going you've got your family, you've got your friends. I've got my dog Fredo, which I love with my whole heart. That's my son. anybody touches them all. I'm glad we got to meet the cat on the show.

Unknown Speaker  23:44  
What's the cat's name? He his fluffy tail.

Trevor Tyson  23:47  
Yeah, and like, there's so many more things in life than getting married and getting married. Yeah, that's a milestone for a lot of people. It's a goal for most, but that's only one of the positive things in life out of all the millions like yeah, it alters your life and it changes your life it could bring some very happy things but it's not a one on one all end all whatever they call it back in the old days. Um, I wasn't around be all end all there we go there.

Mandy Hale  24:18  
I remember that phrase.

Trevor Tyson  24:20  
She's like, I can recall this. No, you're not I don't even

Mandy Hale  24:25  
there at that phrases. Inception. So you

Trevor Tyson  24:27  
are no. And it's funny. You said your social circle earlier. I live in a town called social circle here in Georgia. Sure. I literally, that's my town's name. I'm in it right now. That was a really cool name. It's interesting. And this is a complete rabbit little run off thing. I don't even know. I think they got the name for the town back in like the early 1900s. Because it was like a social circle. Like I don't know. But it's beautiful. I love it. And I don't even know where we were at but praise God for that and And there's so many

Mandy Hale  25:01  
things named like really? Is it near Atlanta?

Trevor Tyson  25:04  
Yeah, an hour east of Atlanta. Okay,

Mandy Hale  25:07  
now let me ask you this. And this is another rabbit trail. Is it any and I don't I'm not gonna say the town right? Is it anywhere near Synovus annoyance and

Trevor Tyson  25:16  
noia No, I think Sequoia is south of us like it's in South Georgia Walking

Mandy Hale  25:22  
Dead. And so yeah, yeah, visited Sequoia and just thought it was the cutest little town. It's like, I want to move here immediately. Um, so I just wondered if it was anywhere near?

Trevor Tyson  25:33  
No, like, they filmed some of it here though. And they film like, you know, The Vampire Diaries and the originals. All that stuff. They film around here. So like, as of recently, what's that one show on Netflix? Sweet magnolias? Yeah, they filmed that. And Covington which is same place they filmed like mystic girl from the Vampire Diaries is the same place they use for that, which is very interesting. But I do remember we're talking about and I'm so glad that everyone gets to go on this journey with us that you know what we I have rabbit trails. And so to you. And I love it. This is exactly how it's supposed to be. If they want scripted and perfect then go watch Kelly Clarkson. That's all I got nothing against Kelly Clarkson though. Yeah. But if you are like envisioning yourself being married, like that's an amazing goal to have, but it is not going to fix every issue in your life. And maybe God did cause you to be single for your whole life. That shouldn't be a negative thing. So many people put, I need to get married. I need to have a career at this day and age, I need to do this. I need to do that. Or I'm not going to be successful. But that's all stereotypical. Yeah, there is no blueprint to success. I say that all the time. Because it's so freakin true. Like, Well, okay, yeah, like you don't get married.

Mandy Hale  26:47  
And that's the thing that I think so many people, that's the mistake that so many people make is waiting on marriage, to fix their lives, or to make their lives this wonderful, blissful. And the thing is, marriage isn't going to, it's not going to do anything to add to what your life already is, it's not going to complete you, it's not going to make you this bliss. If you're not already a happy person, if you haven't found that within you, you're not going to magically find it within marriage. So I think a lot of people sort of slap marriage on as a bad day for instead of going to therapy instead of doing the hard work and doing the healing work. And that's one of the reasons I'm actually really grateful that I've that I've come to this age, and I'm still single, because I've been through a lot and I did it did the hard work. And I know now like what I'm looking for what I won't settle for, what I'll walk away from etc, etc. So I think that the mistake that a lot of people made, and you absolutely hit the nail on the head is marriage is not going to make your life anything more than it already is. It might enhance your life. But it's not going to all of a sudden make it perfect. It's not going to solve all your problems. It's not going to create world peace. It's not going to make you this whole happy, fulfilled, confident, validated person. You've got to find those things within you and then invite someone into that picture to enhance all of the stuff you've already got going on for yourself.

Trevor Tyson  28:18  
Yeah. All of it. Yes. So you've been featured in glamour. You've been featured in the Huffington Post, you've been featured on Good Morning America, USA Today for USA Today, Forbes, all of these amazingly gigantic outlets. Yeah. And I bring this up for one particular question that I think I'm pretty positive, your answer is going to be super inspiring. I'm going to cry and all of it.

Mandy Hale  28:47  
Oh, that's not setting me up to fail.

Trevor Tyson  28:51  
You also hear first, but me with all of these accolades, and all of these, like milestones under your belt. What's the next for Mandy Hale?

Mandy Hale  29:03  
Oh, gosh. Um, that's a really great question. I am in the early stages of starting a podcast. Maybe I'll give you a run for your money. Um, so I definitely that's something I definitely want to do. And it's actually I love that you have the, you know, this whole tagline of real people real conversations, because that's exactly. When I started developing the idea for a podcast. It was like, I don't want to just have a bunch of random celebrity influencer types to talk about Fit Tea, you know, I'll want to, I want to or sugar, bear hair, vitamins or whatever. Like, I want to ask my readers I want to talk to women and even men who are, you know, out here experiencing real life and real single life and maybe not just single people, maybe talk to married people and engage people and divorce people and whatnot. Have people and just real people and have real conversations? Because I think that real life is a million times more fascinating than anything you could ever script. Yeah. So yeah, I definitely think there's more books on. In my future, I have about four different ideas that I'm sort of playing around with right now. And I don't know, I guess we'll see. Maybe at some point, maybe if I ever actually venture back onto the dating apps, which I've been really trying to work up the motivation for. Maybe I'll maybe I won't be the single woman forever, we'll just have to wait and see.

Trevor Tyson  30:39  
Well, the tagline the single woman, when I saw like, I looked up your Instagram page, and I was like, she actually has that tag on Instagram. That's very, that should be a gold stamp of approval right there. You got it down, like, God's giving you such a platform and such a voice. And I've personally just been so encouraged. And I'm not just saying that. I genuinely found a lot of encouragement and reading from the press release, and they sent me the sample the book, like I have greatly, greatly been impacted just by being reminded like, okay, it's okay not to know what you're doing tomorrow. It's okay to not know what's going to happen. And 10 years from now, we can live in this moment right now together. God's got you. Yeah, that's

Mandy Hale  31:27  
courage you at age 24. I was, what was I doing, I was working in television at age 24. Actually, my first job out of college was working at an apartment complex as a leasing consultant. And one of the marketing strategies that they deployed was dressing me up in a wizard costume. And I had to stand on the side of the road holding a sign that said, magical move in specials. So that was early 20s, for me, and then I transitioned into television, and I've had like three or four different career paths since then. And so I just want to encourage you that you don't have to have it all figured out at age 24. And the fact that you're already doing like, all these cool things is, you know, that speaks pretty highly of where you're headed with your future. So I know it's probably really annoying when people say, Oh, you're still just a baby, you

Trevor Tyson  32:18  
know, no, like me,

Mandy Hale  32:20  
you have plenty.

Trevor Tyson  32:22  
No, and it's encouraging to hear that but even for you, like you're crushing it. And I'm not saying that to butter you up or anything like from the outside looking in. I see a woman of valor, bravery and just grabbing the bull by the horns and shaking it up a little bit like you're doing it. So keep doing what you're doing. I am so thrilled to have been able to share this conversation with you. And I do want to encourage everyone that's listening this right now. Go preorder turn toward the sun releasing What if and embracing what is and support Mandy of what she's doing. And not even just to support Mandy actually read the book this. I know, I'm personally going to go through I'll probably listen to an audible because you know, rabbit trails and stuff. I can't sit down for that long. So I have to be doing something. But I this is a message everyone needs. And I've said it multiple times on this. And I'll say it multiple times more. Just keep crushing it. I'm encouraged. I know everyone else is going to be encouraged. But I want to close with one more question. Sure. If someone is listening right now, and they're struggling with their mental health with or maybe it's as a result of being single at a later age and wife, what's the encouragement for Mandy Hill

Mandy Hale  33:42  
no matter how how how dark it feels in this moment, and believe me when I tell you that I have been really to the darkest possible places you can imagine everything you mentioned I've struggled with and I talk I go into depth in the book about my having to go through intensive therapy for a third time, after everything that happened with my parents. And that was very discouraged and feeling really down on myself and gosh, am I am I ever going to be able to just thrive without having to go back to you know intensive therapy is there is this going to be a cycle for my entire life. And the thing that I realized is the thing that makes me sometimes anxious, sometimes depressed. All of those things that lend itself to whatever mental health struggle you may have. It also means that you are a very passionate person. You're someone who feels you're someone who's not afraid to to go to the very depths of your soul to go to the very high the highs, the lows, you fill it all you're passionate, you're creative. There's so many You're brave. There's so many wonderful qualities that people who struggle with mental health Issues possessed. And I think that they are some of the bravest people on the planet because they go through life with all of its challenges every single day, sometimes scared to death, sometimes not wanting to get out of bed, sometimes struggling just to hold on for one more minute. And yet they still are showing up to their lives every single day. So I just want to tell anyone, no matter how dark this moment may feel, if you can just hang on for a little bit longer, I promise you, the light is coming. The light is absolutely coming because it it sounds cliche, it's a hashtag, it gets better, but it really genuinely does get better. You just have to realize that every single day that you show up to your life and that you don't give in and that you keep fighting, and you keep surviving. That's another day closer to stepping into the sun.

Trevor Tyson  35:53  
Man, this episode with Mandy Hale was, as you heard me say, like probably close to a dozen times in this interview. It was so refreshing for me personally to just hear her base that connotation on the difference between what if and what is like what is going on right now. If you're having a panic attack, or if you're anxious, depressed, remember, like just take a deep breath. remember exactly who you are right now in this current moment the person that God's created you to be and don't forget that your life matters as I always preach, get help if you need help our friends at death the wife heart support beneath the skin the teen HopeLine there's so many people out there that want to speak with you want to see you live another day want to see you thrive and become the person that God's created you to be so thank you so much for tuning into this episode. Special. Thank you to Mandy for taking time out of her super busy schedule to come on and speak with us. I love you guys so much. I say it all the time. Never forget your wife matters. We were so hugged. And I say it a lot as it's true. God has such a unique and amazing plan for your life. Don't forget to subscribe, leave us a review. All of those things literally help more than you'll ever know. Just remember we'll talk to you next week. Bye

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