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Michael Felker

Hailing from Fremont, OH, the four piece Christian metalcore act known as Convictions is starting to make an impact on the world. Dubbing themselves “Aggressive Worship,” the band is not your everyday Christian band. Setting out to write lyrical content based on their own “convictions,” the band covers topics that push the boundaries.

“We feel that, just because you are a Christian, doesn’t mean you are exempt from the struggles of this world.” With an infectious live show, one can never predict what will happen when seeing the band live. On stage and off, Convictions never fails to draw you in and capture your emotions.

July 12, 2022

Michael Felker of Convictions

Michael Felker is the voice that leads Convictions, a self-proclaimed “aggressive worship” band who is capturing raw emotion with noise. Convictions has rapidly risen to be a forerunner in faith-based metalcore with their bli...

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