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Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker || Trevor Talks Podcast with Trevor Tyson

Dayseeker is experiencing the rare momentum of a band just hitting their stride. With their newly-released album Dark Sun, they’re following up the 2019 fan-beloved album Sleeptalk. While offering continuity of quality, Dark Sun also ventures into wholly new territory for the post-metalcore band.

Much of the new ground broken on Dark Sun is due to the experience of frontman Rory Rodriguez, who wrote the majority of the album about his dad’s death. “The sun burned out the day that my dad died,” Rory explains, illuminating the album’s title.

Those are the themes we explore in this episode of Trevor Talks. Rory shares with us about losing his own father just as he became a father himself, how COVID catalyzed the band’s role in fans’ hearts, and what it’s like to be a band on the rise. He also offers insight into his personal struggle with anxiety and how songwriting continues to be the lifeline that pulls him through.

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