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Dawn Michele of Fireflight Talks Overcoming Negative Mindsets & The Song, “The Hunger”

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On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I have the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with Dawn Michele. Dawn is a wife, mother of two and the lead singer for the Grammy Nominated Rock Band Fireflight. Fireflight has always been a band unafraid to offer heart-on-their-sleeves honesty, extending the same invitation to their listeners. With Who We Are, Fireflight returns from a five-year breather to offer up a powerful and timely identity statement. In the same way that Fireflight affirms the presence of God through our deepest struggles, they also invite us to be present with each other– something the band models by example. "We've always tried to be open with our struggles and open with where we are as human beings," Glenn Drennen says. "I think that's powerful when you hear that someone you know understands where you are."

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