June 22, 2022

Miggy Sanchez of RELENT

Until his mid-20s, Miggy’s life was defined by any addiction that could numb the pain. As a musician in the Texas scene, he lived the drugs, sex, and rock and roll lifestyle— not knowing that his life was on a collision course with God’s purpose. An encounter with God radically changed Miggy’s life, leading to a new vision for what it meant to be a husband, a father, and ultimately, a musician. Miggy shares hope now through the Rockfest Records band RELENT, whose Grizzly Award-winning album Heavy has been turning heads for the past year.

On this episode of Trevor Talks, Miggy spills it all— his story, his lyrics, his heart.

Miggy Sanchez is a man defined by his family, by his calling, and by his deep faith. But it hasn’t always been that way.


Until his mid-20s, Miggy’s life was defined by any addiction that could numb the pain. As a musician in the Texas scene, he lived the drugs, sex, and rock and roll lifestyle— not knowing that his life was on a collision course with God’s purpose. An encounter with God radically changed Miggy’s life, leading to a new vision for what it meant to be a husband, a father, and ultimately, a musician. Miggy shares hope now through the Rockfest Records band RELENT, whose Grizzly Award-winning album Heavy has been turning heads for the past year.


On this episode of Trevor Talks, Miggy spills it all— his story, his lyrics, his heart. 


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Miggy Sanchez  0:00  
And that's the crazy part is like, God gives us His avenue to choose his strength or choose ours. And a lot of times we don't realize that we're choosing ours, right? Whether that be in a relationship, whatever it is that we're struggling with, we make the decision to choose our way. Use our strength. And if you haven't figured it out by now we suck. And that's okay. That's okay. Like I don't I don't mean to like break anybody's heart but like, that's okay. We're failures by nature, you know, but God isn't. And that's, that's the dopest thing I've ever learned. Is that like God has yet to fail anybody? Why the heck would he start with me?

Trevor Tyson  0:38  
What's up everyone and welcome to another episode of Trevor talks. I'm excited to have you all with us today. And today's guests is one of my close friends and just a guy with a gigantic message for the world. He's the lead vocalist and founder of the new metal band relent, as well as the backing vocalists and percussionist for the iconic metal supergroup El Nino helped me welcome Mr. Miyagi Sanchez. Maggie, What's up, bro? Was good my did dude, I think we should just let everybody know what was going on right before we started recording this like you, you I

Trevor Tyson  1:17  
want to hear more of that thing download heavy on all streaming platforms right now. It'll make sense right now. It'll make sound like ridiculous. We sound like we sound on a normal everyday basis is what you're really trying to say right now. But you know, it's been cool getting to know you over the past what year and just getting to see the growth that you have had like personally and then as a band relent has seen exponential growth but like, Yeah, I'm just pumped to finally have you on the show. It's like we've been trying to do this for a minute.

Miggy Sanchez  1:50  
Dude, I know. I'm pumped. I'm going to be honest. I've been watching you too. It wasn't a year. It's been a year right.

Trevor Tyson  1:55  
It's almost been a year. Yeah. We first connected last year at was No, it wasn't a surprise. It was the one in Nashville. Like this.

Miggy Sanchez  2:05  
Yeah. Life as That's right. You. You emcee this on the stage? Yeah. Also of sales. guy get him on the stage. Man. I'm trying to get on there.

Trevor Tyson  2:15  
who just want a white dude running around yelling at people yelling at

Miggy Sanchez  2:19  
everybody trying to ask me questions. I don't know these

Trevor Tyson  2:22  
answers. Oh, no, bro.

Miggy Sanchez  2:25  
has been a year dude. It's been phenomenal. I really I hold you dear to my heart, bro. You're special man. So it's so cool to be on the show.

Trevor Tyson  2:32  
I'm special for something but you know what does start off, I really want you to tell us a little bit and introduce the event like as a collective to people who maybe haven't heard of the band yet. And just the heartbeat behind what you guys are about.

Miggy Sanchez  2:46  
For sure man, relentless. Something that really got birthed in me in early 2016. I've been a musician my whole life been, you know, music industry, my whole life. Started online in 2016 with the intention to really just make an impact with people. People like me who who've struggled people like me who've fallen and people like me who've like, just suck, you know, and I just My biggest thing was like, Man, I just want to relate, you know, I want to relate and, and obviously, relate this is a faith based man, man, and we strongly believe in the power of Jesus and, and the love of God and what it can do and how it could transform people because it did it to us. You know, it did it to me. And that's kind of why we started it. But yeah, I mean, it kind of turned into this whole thing. You know, I've always loved metal obviously, I love rap of love. I grew up a hip hop, kid, r&b kid. So when I started rolling, I said you want to start this thing that's like, real, it's something I really want to do. You know, it means a lot to me. Like it makes sense in my brain. So it really started and and and it just kind of took off into this thing that I did not expect it to whatsoever. Honestly, it was just like, literally, like sat in church and wrote our first song like after worship practice one day, and it was just like, What the heck just happened? You know, we recorded it and then it just took off. It was so weird, man, it was so crazy. And but man it's it's been amazing. We started it. Like I said 2016 And it's just been like, like you were saying earlier just gained this momentum now. You know, God's used it to get us into crazy places. He's used it to affect a lot of people man, which is like, by far the best thing that could ever happen, you know? Yeah, fame money. That's all that's just literally people in our emails and messages all the time about how much this music has changed them and help them and so it's just dope man. And outside of that we just keep it real you know, I'm saying like, and it's just like, I just wanted to be that guy that was just like normal.

Trevor Tyson  4:42  
You are like, y'all aren't like the other like Christian new metal whatever. It's not even you can't even sub genre in the Christian space. Not that it's a bad thing or like anything like that a lot of like Christian rappers and stuff but we're not crucial rappers. We're as a Christian like y'all are a faith based band, but you're Music is edgy. And that's what I like about it. And I really appreciate about it, you can obviously tell that you were influenced by like the pod corn the world, and you've created it and shaped shifted it into its own thing, which is very unique to you and to the Texas roots that you carry. So what was the first move into becoming a band? So obviously, as of right now, it's you, Gaston, Brandon and Chris are all phenomenal dudes, just a solid group of guys that come together as a collective for relent, you use your own giftings and personalities and everything that you do. But who was the first one to join the band? And how did the band kind of formed from there,

Miggy Sanchez  5:41  
dude, it's honestly a really, really crazy story. So if we have time, I will tell ya. So like I said, Man, we grew up playing since we were kids. So me and Chris have been friends for over 15 years, man. So I'm 34 now. So I was literally 16 years old jamming with this guy. And like, we just we've always been in his mom's garage, just writing music since we were kids. And so it was kind of weird is that we did that for a long time. To where did the whole thing you know, didn't get too high. Like in the Status range of you know, being more than a local band. We try. We just didn't have it then. But we did. We did some cool stuff. Chris ended up leaving the band that I was in at the time. I continued on but as I continued on, I realized, man my my part and this is like pre Jesus stuff to this is like crazy. Crazy. Maybe he's BC maybe so you're still pretty cool with this, you know, I was just I grew up very depressed, dude. suicidal, like by the age of 11. So all these things took place. And to me being so involved with music, because it's like, for me, music was the only thing that I had the outlet that I had, that was like that, that made sense to me. You know, I felt normal. I felt just like, okay, for once. Nothing's crazy. Everything's here. So music was such a big part of my life. So much. So that dedicated my life to it right. And in doing so, you know, and being hurt and being wounded. I tap into things that I obviously shouldn't have tapped into, you know, I was a huge sex addict. I was a huge alcoholic. I was all over the place where I was insane. I was just crazy. And and so we did that did the music journey. And then I realized this is early 2013. Yeah, early 2013. I was just so depressed. When I had everything going. I had a really good band that was on tour. And we were doing amazing things. And I was living the life I thought, you know, and we kind of had this moment of like, Yo, I'm still so unhappy. Like, I'm very depressed. I hadn't seen my kids. I hadn't seen my baby mama at the time. We weren't married at the time. And it was just it was insane. It was like it was it was a mess. It was a mess. We were we were separated. And I was again, I chose music over everything, even my family at the time, because it's just the only thing that made sense gets me a kid from a broken home, even family that it makes sense. I love my kids. Don't get me wrong. I just It just didn't make sense to me, you know, and at the time. And so that's kind of what what happened in early 2013. I remember just being so depressed and so unhappy. I gave it up. You know, I gave it up. And I said I'm quitting. What caused me to quit as a while I'm on tour. I'm in the middle of Jacksonville, Florida beats like midnight, I'm drunk. And I specifically remember being so depressed that I walked onto the beach after our SR gig. And I remember praying, and I've never like been that guy. We didn't grow up in church. I've never like, you know, it's something clicked in me. It was just like, I'm gonna pray. And I don't know why. Because for me, it was a selfish prayer because it was like, Yo, like, Hey, you're supposed to give me the things that I want. And I'm not happy right now. Like what's missing? You know, it was one of those type of prayers. And then I just remember feeling so heavy man. And I started to weep in Braille. And I've never cried like this in a moment where I'm praying, like, I've cried like that before, obviously, but not there was something different about it. And I remember hearing the audible words go home, and it sounds crazy. I know I sound crazy when I see that because I know now how rare it is to hear something. But it shook me to my bones. And I heard go home, went home, quit the band. The guys thought I was insane. Like dude, like, what are you doing? We're about to like, blow this thing up. It's like, Dude, I just feel like I have to go home, went home. A friend that was housing my wife now and my my children had invited us to her church to go get baptized, to go see her get baptized. And sort of like yo, like, again, I didn't grow up in church. I had no interest of being in church. So I was like, what because your housing us? You know, I'm a broke musician. Then you opened your door to us. Yeah, go support you. Yeah, so we went and that same voice that I heard in Florida, where I'm now in Texas, back home in Texas. was loud as day. That same day we went to go to your about As Jessica and I knew at that moment, like God was trying to talk to me. And so, long story short, I gave up everything about music. I, I just wanted to follow Jesus. And we did. And we, our lives completely changed. And it was to the point towards if I never picked up music again, I was content.

Trevor Tyson  10:19  
Like, you were around 2324 When all this till I was about 2425

Miggy Sanchez  10:23  
years old at one place, and so it's like, it was, it was again, I'm young, I'm dumb, I'm immature. I'm just like, have this rockstar mentality because I just I'll I knew how to do was hustle the music industry. That's all I knew how to do. And I had to lay all that stuff down, lay all of those things down. And I was like, Yo, I'm gonna follow this, Jesus do this, see what happens. And it's been amazing. It's been the hardest thing of my life. But it was amazing. And up until three years, because 2016 is when he really put on my heart to start doing that. I was just serving the church and just growing in him. And like, that's, that's it, like, there was nothing else. And it was just like one of those things like, Yo, this is like, this is not something again, I was content, I was happy. And then unbeknownst to me, I get this thing on my heart, or I'm just like, weeping for people I don't even know. You know, and I'm thinking about people in the music industry. I've never even met, you know, and it's just like, my heart is hurting. I was like, What is this thing going on? And I began to feel the tug to go back into the music industry. And now I'm here. This was like, This is nuts. Dude,

Trevor Tyson  11:25  
it's insane to hear you talk about these things that you've been through, because you, you actively use almost the lyrics and the words that you speak every day. That's how I know it's authentic to you. Yeah, like when you were talking about praying on the beach, it was almost like, why does this feel so heavy? You know, you were having that moment. And like, Dude, it's authentic. Like, that's how I can say I don't I don't have like a recollection or if that's even a word, I don't know. But like, it sounds authentic to you like from being a person who's listened to the album several times as listened to the single seen the videos, worked on them with you like, this is real for you. And I think it's fascinating that you went through that season of like, I don't even want to be in not that you didn't want to be around your kids. It was it didn't make sense, like you said, but seeing you as a father, and I've only known you as a father, right? Yeah, I met one of your kids. Or a few year kids, I think at appris. And I didn't even know it was your kid. And he's like, yes, my dad. And I'm like, Oh, dang. And then seeing how you interact with him. Yeah, was powerful. For me. It was encouraging. I would have never known that you walk through that season of being like, dude, like, I can't, I can't doesn't make sense right now. Yeah. But your kids love you. And you can tell like you're a good dad, you take care of your kids, you go out with El Nino with a relent? Yeah, take care of your kids, like your wife is centered around your wife and your kids. So hearing that you went through that, it shows how much you've grown personally, not just as a musician, not just as a lyricist, as a dad, as a husband, as a family. Man, you stand up for what's right. When so you went through all this stuff? 2013 2014 You were 2425 when you went through that? How old were you when Jesus really started tugging on you for lint. So that was 26 ish.

Miggy Sanchez  13:18  
20 the end of 2015. And I kind of started as I had a friend that was in the music scene, the secular thing that I grew up in. He he committed suicide right and, and what the crazy part is like, at this point in my in my walk, I'm like, fully because I'm the Jesus freak, like, I'm like, I am scared about inviting people to church. I ain't scared about giving you the guy, a gospel audience. We got nothing like I'm fearless in my walk. Right. And the crazy part is that I met this I saw I ran into this homie at a carnival downtown, here in Texas. And I was like, blown was like, dude, NCM was so long. He was there with his kid. And we kind of hit it off for two minutes. And for some reason, but I could not get it out of me to talk to him the way I talked. I don't know how many people like you could like you could ask anybody that went to church me at the time. Like I was bringing people like every week like they knew me. He's bringing somebody like because I was just like, you're getting people to church. And and I was just that guy, and I could not get it out of me to get into like, in. It's not so much like gets into the church because that's what saves them. It's just like, just to build that bridge. Like I was not scared of that. But for some reason, when I encounter this homie, I couldn't get it out of me, right? And then I find out two months later, he kills himself. And I'm doing it rock and I remember getting to this I was working with a church at the time. So I was on staff. I remember getting the message and walking in the sanctuary getting ready to start the day off for work and being like, completely shocked. I sat on the chair, and I'm weeping for the zoo because it was like, bro, I just saw you and I had I had a chance. Like I had a chance to tell you and I didn't. And so I carried this burden in and obviously God, you know, taught me that it wasn't my burden to carry. But he used that fire to kind of spark what what birth for land was like yeah, I'm never gonna not tell Anybody again, I'm never going to like, lay down my pride, swallow my tongue and give them truth in love whatever it may be. And for me like Berlin's able to do that now not so much like, I preach all the time on stage. In my music, I'm able to be like you said authentic. And I think people are looking for that. And when they, when they, when they, when they, you know, like a magnet when they attract to that they stick with it. And so it's just like, you know, that's kind of what birth related. That's, that's the first tug that I remember, of like this, I'm doing this, like, whatever it takes.

Trevor Tyson  15:35  
And y'all have been able to do headline tours, you've been out quite a few times with like, Seventh Day slumber all these bigger bands in the scene, who were some of the influences that like really grabbed hold your heart when you started walk with Jesus,

Miggy Sanchez  15:51  
the crazy part, man? Um, I mean, I was, I had this crazy encounter with Matty Montgomery, it like 10 years before I saw it. No, like, Dude, it's funny. I think I've told you about this. If you go on YouTube, and you type in, you type in. I think it's for today, like White Rabbit was the venue here in San Antonio, we play that. And it's like 10 years ago, and the show finished, like we Oh, my local band at the time, we opened up for them that show we weren't a Christian band, we didn't know they were a Christian man. We're just we're just trying to get gigs. And after the show, like Maddie in the whole band, like is praying over us. And like, again, this is 10 years before any of the story I just told you happen. And it was just a weird moment. He had like, kind of prophesied over me that and I a little bit I don't honestly don't remember what he said. But I remember feeling like awkward, like, the heck was that? Whatever, you know, anyways. And so it's just like, as far as influence goes, naturally, as a musician, I'm going to look for someone who's done it before, at that type of level, right? So him was naturally someone I was attracted to. Tommy Green was another one. Because even early in my walk, Tommy was someone that I had followed as far as his teachings, and like, you know, he was just he was just a big influence in my life, spiritually. Because he just feels like that do like that. He said, he's just authentic. Like, he's Tommy, you can't take that away from him. He's, he's himself. And I see that even while he's teaching that he's like, I'm me, like, I'm flawed. And Tommy. And I can relate to that. Because I hated trying to be the guy that was trying to be someone that I wasn't, you know, like, I just, that's just not me. So when I see authenticity, like I'm attracted to that so Tommy, Maddie, I was very attracted to those cells. So they very much influenced a big part of my, you know, Christian walk, but still being a musician and trying to figure that part out because I knew how to do the rock star thing before, but I was like, How do I like, you know, without dabbling into what I used to do and so there were two that right on top of my head that I that I remember distinctly

Trevor Tyson  17:51  
Wow, and how wild is it that you got to work with Tommy on launching the music video for heavy with his running its traffic campaign man, like it's also full circle. Like, I feel like over the past year, especially with the release of heavy you've been able to see kind of the fruits of what God's been doing in your life and tugging on your heart heavy one Rock Album of the Year at the Grizzlies this year, the music video for heavy launch without running its traffic on not first, like you've had all of these amazing things happen. But the unique part about it, and I don't think you realize this, as much as I do, is heavy as a monumental album. It's a monumental message. And also as a single, like the song has so much depth to it that people don't necessarily know on the surface level. And it is a touchy subject talking about human trafficking, addiction, being enslaved, like these are all heavy things, no pun intended to talk about. But with the music video video being launched, so recently, I do want to open it up for you to talk about, like, on a personal level, what the song is about what it means to you, but also like what I think is so beautiful about this song and a lot on the record. Is this open for interpretation. Like it doesn't say like, your sex traffic this that and the other like, I can be struggling with depression at the moment and that song is going to hit me in a way I actually struggle with anxiety, suicidal ideation. Heck, I could be hungry, like homeless and that's going to feel heavy. So yeah, I want to open it up to you like whether it's your personal interpretation what the influence on the song is or even for someone that might be listening that needs to relate with it was heavy.

Miggy Sanchez  19:31  
Yeah. So heavy for me was initially my wife story, and we talked about this with with Tommy and which is so cool. And I'm not going to cry cuz I know I cried when we talked about anything. Yeah.

Trevor Tyson  19:44  
Gaston did too. Don't let it man but

Miggy Sanchez  19:47  
um, it's my wife story, man. And that was the intention. It's also a piece of my daughter's story. And it's just one of those things that it's like my wife and I've been together 14 years You know, and and we, we were not we were very two toxic people. When we first got together. I was a homeless musician. She was, she had an she had, she had a house, and I was like, I needed somewhere to stay. And we party. And that's how we met. Like, there was no like romance. Like, it was bad. It was really bad. And she loved getting pregnant. And that's kind of how, you know, that's, that was the foundation of our relationship. So, you know, being kids having a kid I was 19 years old, she came on pregnant, and I was like, yeah, yeah, my dad did this. I don't, I don't know how to. I don't know how to do this. You know, I tried, I tried my hardest. And we tried, and we tried to, we tried, and we failed, and we failed. And we failed, and we broke up. And we cheated on each other we did with us, we did so many things. We were just horrible, like horrible people. And, and, and up until we got saved man, I really didn't understand why my wife carried some of the characteristics that she did. Most of them, which led me to not be able to love her the way I wanted to, you know, and then put me in a position. Once we got married as a husband, even though this is post getting like saved and knowing Jesus and all these things were naturally my human brain goes, Oh, it's gonna get better now. And it got worse. It got way worse. And I was like, we're married now. Like, we got married under the church. Like it was just like, it was amazing. And now my my life was horrible. And it didn't make any sense to me. And this all ties into why it's, you know, heavy is the way why why I wrote it there I did. But come to find out, you know, God was really molding our marriage to kind of be this real authentic, that word keeps coming up this real authentic thing. And we had some really, really raw moments in our marriage where I had to find out things about her that I never knew. And once I found these things out, specifically in regards to her, her her being trafficked, and her being raped, I began to put the pieces together the puzzle of like, oh, this is why she shut off on me here in this area, her life. This is why she shuts me out here. This is why she doesn't trust me enough. So naturally, as a man you feel insecure that Oh, I can't please my wife in these areas. Someone else is doing it. Or I'm you know, whatever. It may be men men thing, weird things. But but once these things were confessed to me, it was like, Yo, it broke me dude. Like, I was so broken for her. And I had to walk through that. And this is a years before heavy wasn't even, like thought of. Right. And so um, you know, I really like to believe that God, he puts things on my heart for a reason. And heavy was one of those things where we got in the studio, and I knew I had to talk about it. We had right before we recorded the song, we had an incident with my daughter, that wasn't as drastic, but it was enough to put her into some counseling, it was enough to really change the trajectory of her innocence, you know, and it killed me. And it killed me that it had to happen. It killed me that had happened with someone, I trusted her to kill me that had happened with, you know, whatever. But I just knew I had to write the song. And so I get to the studio, and I'm not going to write it I'm going to tell this story. But in my mind, and in my heart, I was like, I also wanted it to be a story that, like you said, people can relate to, you know, heavy is such a, it's such a, it's such a it's such a foundational word. It's one of those things that you can fit a lot of things into it. I can give you a million times in my life that I felt heavy outside of the story that I told him about my wife a million times. Therefore if I can I know someone else can you know what I'm saying? So, literally, I remember just closing my eyes and singing and just like picturing, like, the moments like as if I was there, and letting like the realness come out, you know, and I think that scares people sometimes. And that's what's it's kind of like a double edged sword with me. It's like, I know my authenticity, like people like you appreciate it. Like to do that's real. I want that. But it's also the to other people's very intimidating church people specifically, it's like, yeah, this is too much. Like he's too edgy. Like, he's just, you know, and I am like, I'm from the streets. Like, I still have herd like mentality sometimes even like, I'm my goal is to think like Christ, I get it, but there's times where I'm just like, I'm me. I can't I cannot not be that, you know. And so it's like, you know, but I'm picturing these things as I'm recording this song. And I'm like, Dude, I want this to be so dang real. I like the visuals you saw for the, for the music. Like I already had these things in my head. I was like, they were flashing there was just like, I just want to do it real. And you know, and I think it's gonna set up something amazing as far as authenticity goes, because I want to continue to be real or is that even a word really

Trevor Tyson  24:44  
real or is gonna be inducted into the dictionary today? Actually, I got an email about it earlier, and I'm gonna be sure they credit you for that because you know, they sent me they sent me at all

Miggy Sanchez  24:56  
all that comes with that or no, Bill Gates.

Trevor Tyson  24:59  
so hit me up. No, he's he ran out of money. He ran out, okay, he had a divorce lawsuit come through and you know, he broke now.

Miggy Sanchez  25:10  
But man, that it

Trevor Tyson  25:13  
is heavy dude like, yeah. And that's the only way to describe it like is literally heavy like I didn't even know about your daughter going through that experience and this stuff sucks like and it's another way to use heavy like it's a heavy thing to talk about too because there are people that are listening this right now that are going through it like they're going through the wringer whether it's mentally, whether it's physically, like people struggle with chronic illnesses, people are being abused, struggling through school, so many things can drive your emotions berserk, and cause you to think things that you wouldn't normally think of caused you to do things you wouldn't normally do say things you wouldn't normally say. How were you able to navigate this stuff, especially when it comes to your daughter, like your daughters, your world, like your kids are your world, your families, your world and your family guy? When you hear that someone close to you did something in some way, shape or form to trouble your offspring, your daughter, your world? How did you keep your head intact? And how were you able to navigate through that because as a father, you want to go sucker punch somebody would kill him, like, how were you able to contain that?

Miggy Sanchez  26:23  
Um, it's a really weird situation. Because if I'm being honest, and like, I'm not going to pay myself this perfect, dude, like, I lost my crap, you know, and so much, so

Trevor Tyson  26:33  
I don't blame you.

Miggy Sanchez  26:34  
So much. So. And it's, it's such a messy situation. But it's so much so that I ended up leaving the church that we were at because of it. And it was just so awkward because it happened within the church. You know, it happened within the church. And it just it it's one of those things that it was, it was it was a kid on kid situation. Yeah. And it was, I don't blame the attacker whatsoever. But it was just it was she, she she hurt people hurt people, right. And she very much was doing what was done to her. And I and I can never hold her to that. But it just, it did something to my daughter, man. And it hurt her in a way. Like, again, that's it, her innocence was just like, out the window, she began to think things, you know, at that point, they stayed, they tried to be adults, you know, and they tried to do new things to I guess, compensate for what's going on in their head. And she was doing things that were completely out of her character. And I was just like, What is going on. So I knew in my heart of hearts that my daughter was changing, because that moment, and it killed me, there was nights where I cried myself to say there was nights where I'd be honest, and I had bad sleeping moments where I drink more alcohol than I should have. Because I just could not contain myself to know the fact that I'm just not finding out about my wife stuff that I wrote, you know, and then I'll get to deal with my daughter's thing. You know, it was just like, dang it, like, when does it end? I remember being so mad at God, like, when does this frickin end? Do you like, why? You know, and it just, I didn't keep my head on, I really didn't. But I learned from that moment, you know, I learned from you know, in my actions towards the church, you know, I think could have been a lot better, obviously, better communication, but I'm very much one of those that I will, I will shell off and cut off the world because I'm good at that. Because I'm used to that, that's my go to was like, you have an issue with me, I'm gonna cut you off, and you're never gonna see me again, you know, and that's kind of my go to thing. And so I screwed up big time. I didn't have it all together. If I'm being real, I'm still walking through that process of, of how to deal with that, you know, because it's, that's forever going to be, you know, a part of her history. And I'm just trying to maintain her beautifulness as, as a daughter, as a daughter, you know, I don't want this to withhold her from anything in you know, looking at my marriage and what it did for mine. I don't want that to take over and her marriage when she finally gets married on it, you know so

Trevor Tyson  29:12  
and that's the heart of the Father to her. Absolutely. God wants us to know that. Whether you slipped up lost your virginity before marriage, whatever the case may be like You're never too far gone. And what a beautiful picture to paint with your daughter to like, everything you're doing in life as was reflecting on your music, even rolling off your tongue in this interview. And I have the CCM magazine breakdown that you guys did of the album, but I really want to talk about a few songs in particular for sure. I really want to start with a low because as someone who has struggled with depression, fear, anxiety, the things that have attacked me and my wife that song really hit me so whether it's the visual or breakdown of some of the lyrics in the song, how would you describe it? it,

Miggy Sanchez  30:00  
um, it was a song that again, I'm well off into my, my Christ walk, you know, I'm nowhere near like a theology juggler, like,

Trevor Tyson  30:13  

Miggy Sanchez  30:14  
theological genius, whatever you want to call, I

Trevor Tyson  30:17  
can't even think of a word for it. theologian,

Miggy Sanchez  30:21  
the elite theologian, they do it, but I just knew, you know, I had a platform. And I feel, you know, I've been to a lot of churches in the past several years. And so it's kind of like, I felt like because I had a platform, I had to portray this thing of, I had to be perfect. I had to be right, every time. And God is good all the time. And I have to wear that. And I, again, being authentic me, I'm like, I'm not good. I can't do that. Like, I wear my emotions on my sleeve when I'm angry. You know, I mean, I can't hide it. I just, I'm just that guy. When I'm sad. You know, I'm sad. And so there was a lot of times in particular, where I remember being at a specific church, and I was going through some stuff, and I did not know how to mask it. And I felt like I was like, the oddball out for doing that. And so that's what kind of birth low was like, Yo, it's real, I really struggle with this depression thing, like I really even now has as a as a man of God as, as a believer, as someone that has been transformed. I still have suicidal thoughts. And it's like, I think the, the bar that we've set for expectation for people is, it's, it's stupid, like, no one's ever gonna reach that type of perfection. And the fact that we hold it that high, that standard is like, Yo, people are like, Yeah, I'm just, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna kill myself. So I'm never gonna, I'm never gonna be that, you know, I'm saying so low was one of those songs. I was like, Yo, mean, either. And that's okay. Now, this isn't an excuse to backslide, it's not an excuse to I'm not justifying any type of sin or any type. I'm just saying, like, you know, me, too. I've been there, and I freaking hate it. But I'm still good. You know, in some way, shape, or form, God still loves me. And, and, and that's dope, you know. And so that's very much what birth Hello, wow.

Trevor Tyson  32:08  
And the next one I really want to talk about is danger. And in particular, like it, you said, Here, danger is a song for all who deal with their own destructive habits and internal demons keep fighting? So it's an anthem of some sort. What does a song mean to you?

Miggy Sanchez  32:28  
That I know what maybe can be, you know, I know what maybe was, I know what maybe struggled with, I don't know, maybe struggles with now. And it's not far off from what, where God found me, you know, and I think a lot of times, again, we get into that mentality where I have to be this, I have to be that I have to be that. And you do. But you're not always gonna be that, you know, and so it's one of those internal fights of like, the things that I thought would never haunt me, again, are haunting me now, seven years later, after I was delivered or healed from this specific subject, or this addiction, whatever it may be. And like, like, the court says, when I look inside my mind, I see a stranger because it's like you, I thought, I thought I lost that guy. And now he's back. Like, who told you you get to come back that who you know? And so it's just one of those struggle songs of like, Yep, I'm in it again, like, and a lot of times, you know, we tend to put ourselves there, you know, because of bad habits or, you know, lack of discipline, whatever it may be. Again, I'm not justifying struggle, you know, like, it's real. But yeah, it's very much an internal demon song that I still struggle with. So yeah,

Trevor Tyson  33:39  
yeah. And the last one I really want to talk about is memories. Because it's an anthem is a ballad. Yeah. But at a sucker punch you have getting ready. Yeah. It'll jerk some tears out of your eyes. I'm speaking from personal experience. I remember getting the mix, though. It was like one of the first ones that I was already here. So. And this is a fan favorite, too. So what's the story behind memories

Miggy Sanchez  34:06  
memories is, again, it's one of those things that it was a natural thing, that kind of birth in the studio. I'm a very emotional guy, and I carry all that stuff on my heart, and it comes out in my music. And so at the time, we were we were mourning a loss of a really, really good friend named Robert. And Robert was special to us, because when we're 11 started, I wish I could have said that I had tons of support from not just a Christian community, just like community in general, like all my friends and my church friends and my bros and my everyone was like, nope, in fact, it was the opposite. I remember being rebuked. I remember being like, this is never gonna work. I remember friendships cutting me I remember it was just like, it was insane that I, I said yes to this. And now people are saying no to me, and I was like, Yo, you told me two weeks ago, you've had my back no matter what. And now it took us have a feeling did it now you're like peace suck. I was like yo. And Robert was the opposite. He was one of the only voices at the time he came to our first show ever. And he came to show us after that, too, but I remember specifically our first show ever. And we're not we're not we don't play Christian shows like we're constantly, you know, in the in the mud. And it's it was just like, I remember seeing him in the front row. It was a pack show, and we had three songs to play. Like, we didn't even have a full set. We had three songs to play and I preached my butt off. And I remember him being there. And then he was just so proud of me, dude. And he was just like, Yo, I believe it. Like I was just going off man. He was a huge sleeping giant fan. He was like, he was about the Christian man. He was like, so I didn't I didn't grow up on Christmas. I didn't know. So he was the guy that was kind of like feeding me Yo, check this band out. Check this I was like, Okay, I get it. And so when we lost him, and it was a freak accident, bro, like a freak accident, I had just talked to him. He had actually had just stopped by my house to purchase tickets to another live show. And And dude, like, that was the last time I saw him this last time I got to talk to him that we got the call that that he passed. And I was like, Dude, I was Rhett because it just him in? I don't know, I don't know, if relent would have done would have done if I didn't have that Robert in my life. Like straight up that one person that God that God ordained person that's like, you know, encouraged as far as he's about to give up? That was Robert, you know, I'm saying and it was just so cool, man. And so yeah, so when he passed, it hurt all of us and, and I just I like I do it with everything. I internalized it, and it stayed there till it was time to record. And then memories was birth. So yeah,

Trevor Tyson  36:48  
I don't even know how you get past that. But

Miggy Sanchez  36:52  
I hate sounding like the guy that's like, oh, there's always drama in movies. I like I'm not. It's just like, it's just crazy how like, my life is. I mean, there's a lot of great things that have happened. It's just crazy. How many how much of this real monkey stuff that nobody wants to deal with has happened.

Trevor Tyson  37:09  
And nobody does want to talk about it. Like they if you look on Instagram, it's all like a highlight reel. Yeah, hi. I try to be like, at times, I could probably be a little too dark. But like I try to get those moments like in the moments that I'm having struggles like I have like a document that I go through and just write my heart out, then so like, I think there's a counterbalance for all this right. So I think you had Robert for you. Everybody needs that Robert in their life. And the band has gone on to do some amazing things. You won several grizzly awards. Y'all are playing blue ridges here, which at the time that this releases will have been announced. Yeah, you've got a lot of really amazing things going on. But there are some people that are sitting at home or on the toilet or in their car or whatever, listening to the slavery. Toilet, I'm probably listen to the toilet as someone else is listening. And they're like, Man, I feel heavy. I feel Whoa, I feel like crap. Nobody loves me. I don't believe that God loves me. I hate my job. I hate my life. I like something's going on. Right? Yeah. And they need that moment of encouragement they need that why they need that reason to keep going, what would that message be for Mickey Sanchez,

Miggy Sanchez  38:28  
I think you're in a place to where you're going to be a lot more times after this. And so it's like, you cannot let that moment of heaviness that moments of I want to give up define you because if you do, it's over, it's over. And that's the crazy part is like, God gives us His avenue to choose his strength or choose ours. And a lot of times we don't realize that we're choosing ours, right? Whether that be in a relationship, whatever it is that we're struggling with, we make the decision to choose our way. Use our strength. And if you haven't figured it out by now we suck. And that's okay. That's okay. Like I don't I don't mean to like break anybody's heart. But like, that's okay. We're failures by nature, you know, but God isn't. And that's, that's the dopest thing I've ever learned. Is that like, God has yet to fail anybody? Why the heck would he start with me? You know what I'm saying? And so it's one of those things if you're in that spot, you're gonna be in that spot many more times. So my encouragement to you was like, What can I learn from this? That is going to help me the next time I encounter this or help me, help someone else the next time they encounter this thing, what can I learn? You know what I'm saying? And that's just my mentality. And I'm not perfect at it. But I really tried to feed my brain to that of like, what can I learn from this? That doesn't make me stronger, and again, poor, pull, pull, draw yourself in to the strength of God because I promise you, I promise you, it's the wisest thing you could ever ever do.

Trevor Tyson  39:57  
Man Miggy is one of those dudes that at, you know, I don't know, I just like the guy. I think he's an excellent human being he's got such a voice for this generation. He loves Jesus so much he loves his kids and it's super cool to hear stories of people overcoming those hardships that they've gone through in life. I found this episode super encouraging and I hope you did as well. Be sure to go stream heavy the new album from Berlin that came out last year on all streaming platforms, which will have the links in the description below for their social media for their album, merch store and all that good stuff. And if you're watching this on YouTube, be sure to like and subscribe that helps us out a ton. And if you're listening on audio platforms, just thank you so much for being a part of what we're doing here. If you go leave us a review. written reviews are always welcome and helpful and I actually do read them so I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for walking on this journey with me this Trevor talks journey there's so much more to come we've got some amazing guests on the horizon and be sure to keep watching out for new Roland stuff. Shout out the running its traffic Tommy green rock fest records everyone that helped put this interview together a special thank you to Maggie for being so vulnerable and opening up about things that I know for a fact he hasn't talked about anywhere else. And that vulnerability it goes a long way. If you're watching this and you're struggling right now, be sure to go check out our friends at death to heart support beneath the skin teen hope one. There's so many amazing organizations out there including the taste Crisis Text Line so, so many amazing resources out there. We love you guys so much. Thank you for watching the show. Thank you for supporting us and we'll talk to you guys soon. Love you

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