Dec. 7, 2021

Micah Lynn Hanson

Micah Lynn Hanson’s new movie A Match Made at Christmas was, fittingly enough, something of a match made in heaven for the rising actress. The movie was filmed in her hometown of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, in her best friend’s childhood home, and Micah got to serve as both the lead actress and associate producer. It was truly an experience of seeing a dream come true in the full circle faithfulness of God.


But these mountain top moments for Micah have been far from instantaneous. They’re the result of a lifetime of growth and becoming. Micah’s story begins with a shy, homeschooled kid in Northern Idaho who ultimately found her voice through theater. God has steadily fostered that voice, through the challenges of self-doubt, the pain of chronic illness, and the road out of legalism and into grace. Wherever you are in your own process, this conversation Micah had on Trevor Talks is likely to offer encouragement to lean deeper into community and grace.


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Micah Lynn Hanson

Micah Lynn Hanson, was born in Costa Mesa, California, raised in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and is now a theatre and on camera actor/singer based out of Nashville, TN.

Her most recent credits include CMT's "NASHVILLE" and playing the lead role, Alice, opposite Alan Powell (Redliners, The Song), in the Kendrick Brother"s film/miniseries "Like Arrows: The Art Of Parenting".

Growing up one of 6 children it wasn't until her late teens that Micah found her passion for the arts. Beginning in a small children's theatre musical production in her home town, she immediately fell in love with performing and her career took off as she quickly began booking professional jobs on stage, film, and television.