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Donovan Dee Donnell

Donovan Dee Donnell is a published author, life coach, keynote speaker, missionary, personal fitness trainer and photographer. He has spoken and hosted trainings in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, pre-marital preparation, depression and suicide prevention in multiple cities in California, Texas and Internationally in Brazil and South Africa.

With his first two published books, "Before the iDo" and "Evolving the Entrepreneur," Donovan was able to integrate his lifelong faith in God with his drive for success to inspire others to create value in their lives.

As an Accredited Life Coach and Christian, Donovan has coached a multitude of clients toward success with his "Leadership Coaching Curriculum." His natural inclination towards embracing simplicity provide effective solutions to life's challenges through faith, loyalty and discipline.

"God has given me a very specific combination of 'Nature & Gifting' to help me properly occupy my Faith, serve this generation, and fulfill purpose within my life."

June 7, 2022

Kevin Olusola & Donovan Donnell

Kevin and Donovan joined Trevor Talks for a power-packed discussion about holistic, ethical ways to be an entrepreneur, owning yo…

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